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It’s not just a land it’s an investment for a lifetime.

Agricity was catering to the ever-growing real estate market; the property was a simple and effective investment that promised long-term returns. Although it was a major leap in terms of investment type the brand had a challenge marketing it.

The brand needed to look vibrant and fresh to convey the modern way of investment. It also had a strong sense of nature since it reflects the characteristics of the property.

The Identity for Agricity was organic and modern, with a slight combination of trending colours and flat illustration styles, the property was dressed well for the audience. The organic flow and balance was carried on to give leverage to the land and brand perception. The colour combination gave a feel of nature in a very unique way.

The style was also carried on to the websites, which created great user experience in terms of features and intuitive animations. The also had parallax scrolling to continue the trend. Overall the site open room for a new design study called “intuitive Design”. The website changes its appearance on different timesof the day. This gave a good reward for re-visits and created a better recall.

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