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Pimp my Cat

There’s a new Cat in town!

On the occasion of ‘World Cat Day’ Groupon Inc. wished to give its cat owning customers a special treat.  Each customer who donated a certain amount to the cat foundation was eligible to avail this offer.

The portal had to be fun and intuitive to engage every user that landed on the page. The challenge was to create an avatar based on the criteria given by the user. The site had to be responsive for most web devices.

The portal that was built was colourful and fun. It was a single page, which allowed a user to move ahead based on the criteria he/she filled a cute avatar, was generated with a link to avail discounts for cat deals. To solve the infinite species of cats we designed the cats based on the fur and kept a common body structure, this help every user to visualize their cats more effectively.  At the end of the 3 day campaign we had over 200K visitors from 3 countries.

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