We maKe more friends,than designs.

Fun can be mixed with everything, especially when you love what you do. We try to keep the work environment warm and cheerful but the credit goes to all the people that make it. It’s the effort and the love for our work that brings out the best of us, which ardently gives your brand the difference.


We believe in sharing knowledge. Ideas always need a strong understanding and that comes from Yellow Day. A Day where everyone is free to talk about what they have learned and wish to share. Just to spice things up we go crazy and dress up to a theme.

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We gossip too!

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Design can be a standard that gives us the distinction. We believe that good design should always be shared. It’s our dream to elevate the web in terms of experience, design and quality. Project Briyt focuses on making the web better by crowd sourcing ideas and resources.
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Started afresh, but growing ever since. Reysha is a simple yet sophisticated Jute Bag manufacturing company. We’re a small team, but striving hard each day to make products that are fashionably yours. A mixture of Fabric specialists, Designers and Suits working towards making Jute your lifestyle wear.

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It loves you and the nature!


We’re friendly in our approach! And we love helping. To make the Internet a better place it would take a lot more than just us. We helped a few friends to join us in making a better web; more like tagged along. If you feel like sharing and want our caring, don’t wait reach us today!

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Some friends we helped.