Many of us may find the need to explore career opportunities, look for a change, or study something worthwhile. Well, those looking to do so could potentially choose UI /UX as their next career option. When it comes to approaching companies for UI UX designer jobs, you need to crack the interviews. During UI UX interview questions, the interviewees often pay extra attention to the technical part of answers. In reality, the interviewer tries to gauge the logical thinking skills of the individual taking the interview.

To make things simple, we have compiled a bunch of  UI UX designer interview questions. There is no definite way to predict UI UX interview questions but this list has the most commonly asked interview questions.

1-Tell me About Yourself?

Tell me about yourself? can be the UI UX interview questions

This question is commonly asked and seems simple but this question implies that the interviewer wants to understand your background as a designer – how you chose this career, and just a couple of things you know about UX and UI. To answer this question, try talking about your journey in UX and UI. This is also a good way to explain why you are the best candidate for the job.

2-What are UX and UI?

What are UX and UI? can be the UI UX interview questions

As an interviewer, they want to know to what level you understand UX and UI. Amongst UI UX interview questions, this question requires you to answer in your own words, with relevance too.

UI is a graphical layout of an application that focuses on every element of the product and how they lookUX refers to the overall experience of a user that he/she has with the company, its product, and its services
UI design is the process of creating designs in a way  that feels natural, simple, and easy to understandUX design encompasses every aspect of the end-users interaction with everyday products and services, such as websites or mobile apps
The job of UI designers is to create the look and feel  of an application in a way that appeals to usersUX designers are directly involved in the whole process of making the user experience usable and enjoyable for the users

As UX and UI revolve around the user, try discussing user-centric ideas and empathic approaches. Also, discuss a few ways you could help the UX. Talk about a few technical aspects of UI and UX as well.

UI UX Interview Questions To Be Considered

3-What are your Favorite Apps?

What are your favorite apps? can be the UI UX interview questions

This is a commonly asked question but often answered wrong. Most people answer with common or famous apps. The best way to answer this interview question is by actually talking about your favorite app. By doing so, the interviewer will understand from your point of view why the app stands out and what features you like. 

4-What has Been your Most Successful UX/UI Design?

What has been your most successful UX/UI design? can be the UI UX interview questions

When this question is asked in an interview, they mostly want to know how you handled the project. The answer could be enhanced with some technical information about the project along with its features. The interviewer would also want an understanding of how you have contributed to your companies in the past and how well you understand the workflow of a UI UX design company.

5-Can you Tell Me About your Workflow?

Can you tell me about your workflow?can be the UI UX interview questions

To answer this question, you could talk about your general process of building a design. This question is asked to understand your general concept of UX designs and this would be an opportunity to explain how you will handle projects as well. So try discussing some of the techniques you use, to develop ideas and concepts.

6-Can I See Your Portfolio?

Can I see your portfolio? can be the UI UX interview questions

Viewing a portfolio is almost mandatory in most interviews. With this question asked, it is an opportunity to showcase your portfolio, along with a walkthrough. You could discuss your UX/UI concepts as well as highlight their best features. 

7-How do you Handle Negative Feedback?

How do you handle negative feedback?can be the UI UX interview questions

Often asked, this UI UX interview question helps the interviewer to explore how you improve from negative feedback. They also wish to understand how you like to work with them as well as incorporate different ideas from different teams/people. Negative feedback is essential to improve ideas and concepts. UI and UX is a collaborative process, hence, this question is asked to understand if you are a team player, and how you overcome challenges.

Note- “Are you a team player?” is another way this question could be asked.

8-Technical Questions.

Technical questions for the UI UX interview questions

Technical UI UX interview questions are asked to find out your technical knowledge. Your grasp on the technical aspects is vital to cracking the interviews. This would be an opportunity to showcase your knowledge of UX and UI  processes and terms to the best of your capabilities. 

9-What are the Biggest Challenges you Faced?

In terms of the challenges asked, you could answer this question with the help of your portfolio as an example. By doing so, you can demonstrate how you were able to overcome some problems faced as a designer.

10-What Inspired you to be an UX UI Designer?

What inspired you to be an UX UI designer?can be the UI UX interview questions

Once again, tagged as a personal question, this requires you to answer in your own words. The answer to this question is neither right nor wrong. They want to know if you are passionate about the industry. Knowing that you can keep up with the ever-changing trends, the interviewer will understand that you are up to date with concepts, ideas, and designs. 

When asked about inspiration, the answer is mostly subjective. But an answer that portrays learning abilities, as well as passion, will sound more appealing to the interviewers.

10 UI UX Interview Questions To Be Considered: Guide From The Expert.

In conclusion, across many interviews, a variety of questions are asked to identify the perfect candidate for the respective role of a designer. These are the commonly asked  UI UX interview questions. These questions may be asked by the interviewer to understand the candidate better. 

At the same time, it is important to do proper research on the company, its requirements, and its role before you sit for an interview.

FAQs For UI UX Interview Questions

Will these questions be asked definitely?

A: The above list contains commonly asked questions, a few will be asked to engage your logic and skills when it comes to UX/UI.

How do I prepare to answer UI UX Interview Questions?

A: To prepare for a UI UX Interview, research about the company, the role, and other requirements is essential. One should also brush up on their UI/UX knowledge to answer UI UX Interview Questions to the best ability.

How to create the best impact at the UI UX Interview?

A: To create a good impact, one should remember to answer the  UI UX Interview Questions in their own words,  with relevance too. This way the person conducting the interview can gauge your logic, and practicality about UX and UI design concepts. A portfolio is also important because showcasing it with a proper walkthrough as well as an explanation of the concepts will be a good way to talk about your achievements as well. All these points help in creating a good impression.

Is a portfolio important for a UI UX Interview?

A: Yes, a portfolio is quite essential for an Interview, as it allows you to showcase and explain your strengths and weaknesses.

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