The digital world has evolved rapidly in the past couple of years, and typography is one aspect that has seen quick evolution.

Besides making the text easy to read and conveying a message, fonts also carry considerable aesthetic, artistic, and technical values.

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ArialBetween 12-14Between 12-14
VerdanaBetween 8-10Between 3-5
Lucida GrandeBetween 3-6Between 2-4
HelveticaBetween 2-4Between 8-10
Times New RomanBetween 0-2Between 0-2
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Different web fonts come with their own “vibe,” and it is for you to decide which font would be the best font suited for which project.

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In your search for the best fonts for websites, you would come across many from the font family: sans serif fonts, serif fonts, modern fonts, and open sans fonts. How will you choose the best font?

Don’t worry; we have got you covered with this selection of the best web fonts and best fonts for apps.

1. Syne

best modern fonts for mobile apps
no 1 syne sans serif

A geometric sans serif font, Syne was first developed in 2017. The French design studio Bonjour Monde developed the concept for the modern font.

It comes in five different styles: regular, medium, semi-bold, bold, and extra bold.

Syne is suitable for a variety of uses and is an excellent choice for anything ranging from titles to small blocks of text. It is a very practical typeface with versatile uses.

 2. Krona One

Krona one is best fonts for apps

A low contrast sans serif typeface created by the typographer Yvonne Schüttler, Krona One is a Google font inspired by the handwritten Swedish poster type from the early 20th century.

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It is a reader-friendly font and can fit into a range of different styles.

Krona One is a great choice for titles and headings that require to be bold and distinctive. It is available in two styles: small and large. 

 3. Viaoda Libre 

Viaoda Libre is best fonts for apps

A beautiful serif typeface developed by the Germany-based Vietnamese designer Gydient, Viaoda Libre is inspired by Vietnamese cultural heritage and symbolism.

Intended for both personal and commercial use, it is a versatile font that can be used for titles as well as smaller texts.

The Vietnamese inspiration is apparent in the highly distinctive ligatures between the characters of the font. 

4. FS Me 

FS ME is best fonts for apps

A specially designed font to help improve legibility for people with learning disabilities, FS Me was developed by Mencap, the UK’s leading charitable organization for those with learning disabilities.

The font was released after much research and every letter of FS Me was first tested for its readability with several learning disability groups in the UK.

For each font license purchased, a donation goes to Mencap.

 5. Bellezza 

Bellezza is best fonts for apps

A beautiful sans serif font, the design of Bellezza is inspired by Italian culture. It belongs to the group of humanist fonts that have their roots in old Latin types.

It is a classic font with an elegant character.

Bellezza is most suited for texts that need a touch of sophistication and a unique Italian vibe. It is a Google font that is highly readable

6. TT Norms Pro 

TT Norms Pro is best fonts for apps

TT Norms Pro is the third version of the popular geometric sans serif font.

Itwas designed by Ivan Gladkikh in collaboration with the TypeType Team and Pavel Emelyanov.

It is highly readable and available in 67 styles that can be adapted to a wide range of applications. It is suitable for large text arrays, headlines, and websites. 

 7. Italiana 

Italiana is best fonts for apps

Italiana is a sans serif font heavily inspired by the Italian typographic tradition.

The concept of this Google font was developed by designer Santiago Orozco, who wanted to create an elegant and sophisticated typeface.

This stylish font is primarily used for headlines and titles and is reminiscent of the lettering used for early 20th century newspapers and magazines. It is currently available only in regular style but we can expect more styles to come out in the near future. 

 8. Federo 

Federo is best fonts for apps

Created in 2011 by Olexa Volochay, Federo is a sans serif font that is a digital interpretation of the Feder-Grotesk type which was first launched in 1909.

While more refined than the original, the creators kept the noticeably uneven thickness of the strokes for a classical touch.

In more recent versions, the contrast has been slightly reduced to improve readability, making it one of the best fonts for your website.

9. Rapor 

Rapor is best fonts for apps

Designed by Oğuzhan Cengiz, the Rapor font features a combination of sans serif elements and strong geometric foundations.

It is available in ten weights ranging from thin to black and comes in twenty styles with matching italics.

Rapor is inspired by Futura and grotesque fonts.

10. Space Grotesk

Space Grotesk is best fonts for apps

Developed by the Czech designer Florian Karsten, Space Grotesk is a Google font inspired by the Colophon Foundry’s Space Mono fixed-width font (also a Google font).

The designer wanted to retain an element of quirkiness in the font while also keeping it a proportional sans serif font.

Space Grotesk is versatile and comes in five styles: light, regular, medium, semi-bold, and bold.

 11. Graphik

Graphik is best fonts for apps

Inspired by his early exposure to Modernist graphic design, designer Christian Schwartz set out to create the font Graphik.

Simple yet elegant, the font draws inspiration particularly from mid-twentieth-century posters. It comes in a wide range of widths and can be used as both a central design element as well as a supporting one.

Graphik is suitable for corporate branding, websites, mobile apps, UIs, and editorial design. 

 12. Cotford 

Cotford is best fonts for apps

The concept for Cotford was developed by Tom Foley of Monotype during the lockdown.

A serif typeface with a soulful and elegant design, the font is versatile enough for contemporary needs.

Cotford is a font that stands for quality, consistency, and efficient performance. It is suitable for all formats. 

 13. Bison 

Bison is best fonts for apps

One of the most popular modern fonts, Bison is a powerful and sophisticated font designed by Ellen Luff.

This web font is recommended for logos, branding, magazines, and films.

Bison has a distinct and sturdy uncompromising style expressed through its controlled letterforms and modern elements

 14. Caudex 

Caudex is best fonts for apps

While selecting fonts for your website in 2024, do consider the serif font Caudex.

Originally launched in the late 1990s, the font was developed with the intention of printing old handwritten text. It is an amalgam of modern functionality and classical ornamentation.

Inspired by the lettering from Medieval scripts, it comes in two styles: regular and bold. It is a serif typeface that works well with several other modern fonts. 

15. Pangram Sans 

Pangram sans is best fonts for apps

Another quality offering from the Pangram Pangram Foundry, Pangram Sans is a powerful font with geometric undertones.

Bold, intense, and flexible, this font is truly versatile and can be adapted to different uses.

The font also features a fully variable slanting, from reclined to italic, and support for the Cyrillic Alphabet.

 16. DM Sans

DM sans is best fonts for apps

Many Google fonts were commissioned by Google itself, and DM Sans is no exception.

Derived particularly from Pinhorn’s Poppins typeface, this font was released in 2019. It is a low contrast, geometric sans font generally intended for smaller text sizes.

It is available in a number of styles, including regular, medium, and bold. It supports a Latin Extended set.

 17. Cinzel Decorative 

Cinzel decorative is best fonts for apps

One of the most popular typefaces, Cinzel Decorative is part of the font family, Cinzel web fonts. It is a great choice for those looking to convey a sense of class and elegance through their websites.

The font, created by Natanael Gama, follows classical proportions and has a calligraphic appearance. It is available in many styles, including an extra bold option. 

 18. Axiforma

axiforma is best fonts for apps

A geometric sans serif typeface developed by Galin Kastelov, Axiforma is a robust font that is available in several types with matching italics.

It is a paid font highly recommended for posters, headlines, websites, and logotypes. A similarly named Axiforma Free font is also available. 

19. Lovechild

lovechild is best fonts for apps

A display font in the Jugendstil style, Lovechild is one of the web-safe fonts that are compatible with dozens of foreign languages. It was created by designer Simon Walker.

It consists of 485 total glyphs, including a wide array of foreign characters. 

20. CoFo Sans 

cofo sans is best fonts for apps

A clean sans serif font based on the balance between rationality and emotion, CoFo Sans is the perfect font for those looking for clarity and adaptability in their text.

It was designed by Maria Doreuli and is available in four weights.

 21. Bucksaw Grotesque

Bucksaw Grotesque is best fonts for apps

Designed by Jordan Wilson, Bucksaw Grotesque is an elegant font with a rustic touch.

It has great visual appeal and is available in different styles and weights, including a very crisp regular weight and a totally rounded one. 

22. Boke! 

Boke is best fonts for apps

Widely regarded as the world’s first truly limited edition typeface, Boke! was created by Skep Studio.

It is a bold, sans serif typeface inspired by a box of old classic woodblock type that caught the eye of the designers. 

23. Helvetica 

Helvetica is best fonts for apps

One of the best fonts for your website is Helvetica as it is the best font for Android, MS Word, and web design. Helvetica is a very popular typeface whose popularity continues to grow in 2024.

Originally designed in 1957 by Swiss designer Max Miedinger, this classic typeface has enjoyed enduring popularity mainly due to its modern yet simple appearance. It is also a highly versatile font.

24. Times New Roman 

Times New Roman is best fonts for apps

Developed in the 1930s by the much-respected typographer Stanley Morison for the London daily newspaper ‘The Times,’ Times New Roman continues to be one of the best fonts for publishing materials and newsprints.

The serif typeface is also installed on all desktop and laptop computers. To date, several versions of the font have been released. 

25. Gotham 

Gotham is best fonts for apps

An adaptation of 20th century American Sign maker’s ‘Gothic,’ Gotham is a geometric sans-serif typeface family. It was designed by type designer Tobias Frere-Jones with Jesse Ragan.

The letterforms of this font are inspired by examples of architectural signs of the mid-twentieth century.

Developed for professional use, the font has been used in the logos of many popular brands.

 26. NewParis 

NewParis is best fonts for apps

Inspired by the tradition of the 18th-19th century French typefaces, the font NewParis can be considered a contemporary interpretation of the genre. It features high contrast between thick and thin strokes.

Created by Ian Party, the NewParis family includes NewParis Text, NewParis Headline, and NewParis KingSize.

27. Bodoni 

Bodoni is best fonts for apps

Inspired by a serif typeface designed by Giambattista Bodoni in the late 18th century, the font Bodoni is the creation of Morris Fuller Benton.

Benton revived the older typeface in the 1920s to create a highly popular font.

One of the font’s distinguishing features is the detailed emphasis on different weights.

28. Futura

futura is best fonts for apps

A geometric sans serif typeface designed by German designer Paul Renner in the 1920s, Futura has since become the benchmark of geometric sans serif fonts.

With remarkable shapes, the font has a modern appeal to it.

Futura is extensively used in business signage, marketing, and advertising. Volkswagen is a popular brand using Futura as its headline font. 

29. Gill Sans 

gill sans is best fonts for apps

Designed by English typeface designer Eric Gill in 1928, Gill Sans is a quintessentially English font based on craftsman Edward Johnston’s “Underground Alphabet,” the corporate font of the London Underground.

The font was an immediate success upon its release and continues to be popular to this day.

The Gill Sans family fonts are available in different weights and styles. Many other typefaces are influenced by Gill Sans. 

30. Comic Sans 

comic sans is best fonts for apps

A sans serif casual typeface designed by type designer Vincent Connare, Comic Sans is inspired by comic book lettering. It was initially intended for children’s materials and informal documents.

Released in 1994, the font saw widespread use and became extremely popular.

Comic Sans is often recommended for people with dyslexia since it has fewer rotated and mirror-image glyphs. Consider hiring a UI UX design company that can help you choose the best font that aligns with your brand identity and the message you want to communicate. The right font can enhance readability, convey the right tone and improve overall user experience.

FAQs About Best Fonts for Apps & Web

Which type of font should I use for my app?

Well-known fonts include Open Sans, Proxima Nova, and Helvetica. Sans-serif fonts are frequently used in current apps since they improve readability and scale much more easily. They also tend to clash the least with most UI designs.

How do I choose a font for my app?

There are a few important factors to consider. The first step is to consider how you want your audience to perceive your font choices.The general tone of your design— Make sure your fonts complement the overall look of your app. It should be a pleasure to read.

The basic goal of your typeface is to make text readable at all sizes. Make it so enticing that the text almost reads itself; that’s why size matters a great deal. Another component that substantially improves your design and promotes text readability is choosing the appropriate font size.

Can I use any font for an app?

No, you should pick a font that is ideal for your application. The font you choose can have a profound effect on the people reading the words you type. So, the perceived meaning can change drastically depending on the font choice.

Which fonts should I avoid when designing an app?

Comic Sans MS, Papyrus, Curlz MT, Arial, Courier New, Times New Roman, Bradel Hand ITC, Vivaldi, Kristen ITC, Viner Hand, Mistral, Impact, Symbol, Stencil and Wide Latin are some fonts to avoid when designing an app.

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