BlinkIt is one of the leading brands in India for online grocery shopping and delivery services. Amid fierce competition, Blinkit takes pride in its speedy delivery service, free delivery for the first few orders, and many other exciting offers for users, which has undoubtedly increased its customer base.

Blinkit started as a solution to a problem of the grocery delivery system in India: the mismanagement of goods between buyers and sellers. 

So, Blinkit was the solution to the almost non-existent logistic space—how goods were managed from the sellers to the final consumers. 

This solution has grown from an idea to a platform that has garnered over five crore downloads on Playstore with 4.6-star ratings from over 18 lakh users, which is a testament to its reliability and efficiency.

Blinkit Review

How did Blinkit become so popular?

  • The name was changed from Grofer to Blinkit. The rebranding gave it a marketing advantage and attracted more customers. 
  • They identified a gap— a delay in service delivery and brought up 10 minutes of delivery, which became their Unique selling point and put them ahead of the competition.
  • Zomato acquired Blinkit, which meant merging the customers of both brands so users could easily switch from Zomato to Blinkit and vice versa.

Does this mean Blinkit is the perfect solution? Despite its success, Blinkit has often been the subject of social buzz because of its shortcomings, such as mismatched orders, extra delivery charges, and other UX problems. There is always a thorn in every rose. Let’s learn about the thorns and roses of Blinkit from our design heads at Yellow Slice. They took a few hours to study the user behavior of Blinkit and provide insights on how they can make it more user-friendly. 

From data to decision #UserFeedbackDecoded 

  • Users have complained about high costs compared to physical stores and extra delivery costs, which may cause consumers on a tight budget to shop elsewhere. 
  • Poor customer service, such as lengthy wait times for issues to be resolved and ambiguous information about solutions, frustrates the users and makes them opt for other options.

YellowSlice conducted an objective review to educate designers and business owners about common UI/UX problems that may arise and how to address them. We assessed the usability of Blinkit App through user reviews, interviews, and our expert opinion. The review highlighted the users’ pain points and identified opportunities for improving user experience and functionality. We also compared Blinkit App to industry standards to identify customer expectations and suggest improvements.

BlinkIt App Review by our Design Experts at YellowSlice

Reviewed by: 

Here is a comprehensive explanation of Blinkit App. We divided the review into customer-based and UX-based reviews.

Hidden Customer Service Feature

The customer support feature is not easily accessible, so users must open other functionalities before seeing customer support. Users reported difficulty resolving simple issues due to a lack of self-service options on the app, such as missing FAQs, no troubleshooting guides, and an ineffective chatbot. Automated chatbots have made customer service easy; however, this should be used with caution and specific regulations. We discovered that users complained about needing to be adequately attended to swiftly, not by the chatbot, which gives vague and inconsistent replies. The awful customer service extends to the delivery personnel and courier partners. Reviews claim they can be rude, late, and without explanations or apologies.

High Prices?

Blinkit convenience comes with the cost of exorbitant prices of goods compared to other competitors, and this is becoming a barrier for users.  There is also a surge fee when there is a high demand for particular goods, which adds to the already expensive orders. Then, finally, the delivery fees compound the cost of getting an order. It seems like Blinkit is too focused on profit maximization rather than customer satisfaction.

Where is the Navigation?

As the name implies, navigations show a path or way for performing an activity. Navigation in mobile designs is as essential as the solution the design is trying to bring. The absence of navigation creates confusion in the user’s mind and makes the user’s journey nonexistent. New users would take time to understand the sense of direction on the app, and old users might just keep scrolling and waste time searching for specific features like wishlists, previous orders, or particular shops.

Unclear Call To Action

Calls to action are supposed to prompt users to execute a specific action; without them, users will do other things, making it appear that the app is not serving its purpose. For example, the “Next” button does not give specific information in the Cart Section. Is it reviewing the order or proceeding to check out? These unclear instructions make users think before proceeding; those who proceed might discover that the following action is not what they seek.

Here is what the CTA looks like:


This is an example of how the CTA should be.


Higher Consumer Satisfaction = Higher Conversion Rates 🚀

There is a solution to every problem. Our designers have analyzed the users’ needs and, with their wealth of knowledge and experience, they developed ideal solutions.

Focus on quality service

 Understandably, Blinkit’s goal is to ensure speedy delivery; however, customer satisfaction tops the list when running a business. 

There should be a good structure for handling customers, like training employees to handle queries and solve issues promptly and offering multiple support systems, from phone calls to emails or texts, rather than just automated responses. 

Customers will be encouraged to keep using Blinkit because they know the support team is always ready to assist them, even if there is an error in their orders.

Affordability first

 Blinkit needs to find a way to maintain its profit margin and an affordable price compared to the market standard.

 A market survey is required to see competitors’ pricing systems and buyers’ attitudes towards them. 

The survey should include opting for affordable suppliers and local shop owners. Another thing that can help is offering promotions, discounts, and sales to target customers on a budget and get them to buy.

Intuitive Navigation

 Many brand owners have tested and trusted different types of navigation for mobile apps. Bottom navigation is mainly used and recommended based on how users hold their smartphones, with their thumbs closer to the bottom than any other part of the screen.

 No matter the type of navigation used, it should be clear, concise, and catchy enough to categorize products and highlight important features so that users can easily find a desired action.

Bold CTAs

CTAs are design equivalent to walking billboards. They stick to the user’s mind, compelling them to do something.

 If a Call to Action is not specific enough, it may be included in the design for a fancy display. 

CTAs help simplify navigation by telling the user what to do quickly, creating a sense of urgency. Blinkit can replace the “Next” with “Buy now” or “View Cart” to keep the user journey smooth enough.

Mobile UX Audit

A Mobile App Audit is an extra tip to ensure that the app’s interface is not tampered with while implementing major UX changes. 

The Blinkit app is intuitive, and the design is minimal enough for a grocery app; however, certain principles, such as responsiveness, good information architecture, etc., must be constantly checked to ensure simplicity.

Always remember

“The ideal Mobile App Audit is an art and a science. The design of your mobile app could make or break its fate.” Anthony Fernandes

Blink It User Journey Decoded 

1. How can I identify Blinkit user journey?

A user Journey shows how a user will perform a task from beginning to end. In Blinkit, the user starts by looking for various products or specific items and then adds items to their cart or edits the cart, checks out, and chooses a delivery slot. The app informs them about their order confirmation, preparation, and delivery status. This journey is supposed to be smooth if a good User flow is mapped out during design, but the navigation in Blinkit needs to be more straightforward to achieve that quickly.

2. How can Blinkit use UX design to retain customers?

Blinkit should focus on designing clear CTAs (calls to action) to guide users through the app. They should concentrate on informative product descriptions and a well-organized layout, all contributing to a positive experience. Features like personalized recommendations and loyalty programs can also encourage users to return.

3. What is YellowSlice’s recommendation for Blinkit UX Design?

At YellowSlice, we emphasize functionality, Usability, and Clarity. We suggest a navigation bar to ease user flow and allow for other content. The information architecture should provide a structure for CTAs that is clear and descriptive enough for users in all languages. We also recommend a self-service system, such as FAQs or a personalized chatbot, that can empower users to resolve simple issues independently, reducing reliance on customer service.

Expert Review by Soumyadeep Auddy 

The growth of Blinkit is a testament to the innovative effort geared toward the delivery system in India. The sustenance of the effort is dependent on seamless user experience and customer satisfaction—they go hand in hand. We were able to identify the current challenges and give solutions for them. We believe these solutions apply to Blinkit and other brands seeking a well-structured and user-based design for their goods or services. 

Yellow Slice offers a personalized approach to UX, and our designers are ready to help you achieve a good user experience. If your design or business resonates with this review and you need an extensive service, our UX Audit service is your best bet. Contact us now for more information.

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