Brand guidelines are a set of clearly determined rules and standards that convey how a brand should be portrayed to the audience. Brand guidelines support businesses to provide brand consistency and ascertain what the business is, what it accomplishes, and what it stands for. It is like a brand ‘rulebook’ that compromises the comprehensive look and feel of a brand’s individuality. 

Brand Guidelines

The objective of brand guidelines is to help a brand ensure that the core principles of the brand are communicated accurately, internally, and presented consistently to the audience. With well-formulated brand guidelines, a business can promote its distinctive brand identity and stand out from competitors. Brand guidelines should also be communicated and comprehended throughout the business.


Q1. What elements are included in brand guidelines? 

Generally, brand guidelines concentrate on a brand’s proposition visual and verbal brand identity. It included:

  • Mission, vision, values, and brand story
  • Visual brand assets – color palette, typography, and logo
  • Tone of voice/brand messaging
  • Examples of the brand in use: external and internal brand communication

Q2. Are brand guidelines the same as style guides?

The brand guidelines are a document that allows brands to build their visual identity. It comprises the logo, color palette, and fonts and defines the core principles of a brand. Whereas a style guide is a document that highlights the rules and guidelines for how a business should illustrate its visual elements.

Q3. Can brand guidelines be shared externally with clients or partners?

Yes, brand guidelines can be communicated externally with clients or partners to ensure consistent representation of the brand.