Have you ever been excited about paying your credit card bills?

Strange but yes I have been and it’s all because of the exciting rewards that the Cred app offers for paying on time. The app has revolutionized the credit card payment experience by offering unique incentives, in the form of coins and cashback, that no other app gives. And without any doubt, everyone loves cashback, even if it’s the richest or tax-paying community in the country. 

Cred app India became mostly popular among the Indian masses after its IPL promotions to acquire a customer base of 5.9 million people. This impressive figure represents around 20% of the total Credit Cardholders in the country. Its over 1 crore cred app downloads only on the Google Play Store with a remarkable 4.5-star rating on the app platform. 

However, despite this huge success, diverse opinions exist. Numerous cred app consumer complaints highlight concerns regarding certain features, such as cashback balances, ticket resolution, and delays in payment updates. 


So I have asked our designers at Yellow Slice to give the app a go and share their insights on its user experience.

Reason Behind the Popularity of Cred App

Reason Behind the Popularity of Cred App 1
Reason Behind the Popularity of Cred App 2

Cred app has become very popular majorly because: 

  • Apart from the rewards and cashback, the major reason behind its popularity is the ability to manage all the credit cards under one roof, eliminating the hassle that often accompanies being a multiple card holder.
  • The app offers a comprehensive overview of expenditures, categorized by sections such as rent, bills, travel, and more, enabling users to understand their spending patterns.
  • Cred sends simple reminders to users to not miss credit card payments. 
  • They also help users identify the hidden charges involved in Credit Card usage
  • Cred app India stands out by rewarding taxpayers of the country, which no other startups, government, or any other entities do.
  • It is a highly trustworthy app as becoming a part of the Cred community is not easy, only individuals with a credit score of more than 750 are eligible to be customers. 

How Did We Conduct the UX Review for Cred

To review the app, our designers carried out an in-depth competitor analysis for the Cred app design. Further, we analyzed whether the app implements UX design principles that improve the user experience. And whether it is offering the top features and functionalities that most of its industry competitors offer. Per these two parameters, we came up with the following insights.

Cred  App UX Review by Yellow Slice

Cred App UX Review by Yellow Slice

After a brief understanding of the app and its UX, Yellow Slice’s UX team shared the following insights.

1. Relevance of Rewards:

Though cashbacks are relevant, there are several other voucher rewards offered by the Cred app like 75% off on Truly Madly, off on Toothsi, off on Hammer, ITC store, and Audible subscriptions. These rewards don’t seem to be very attractive and relevant to the users.

2. Rewards Discovery:

The reward discovery process tends to be very challenging as all the reward vouchers are mixed without any proper distinctions. This can potentially result in users spending more time searching for rewards and even the expiration of more relevant rewards. 

3. Faster Payments:

A credit card bill payer would always want quicker & reliable payments for their dues and quick resolution to payment failures. Prolonged resolution times for payment issues cause the payment to be stuck for a longer time and the changes of increased interest rates increase. Since the customers of the app are financially stable class, they would always want actionable ways to manage their income and expenses better. 

As an attempt to solve these issues, our UX team suggested the following improvements.

How to Tackle Cred App Reviews

These above-listed cred app consumer complaints can be addressed and solved with an upgraded UX design of the app. The following changes can be implemented to effectively tackle these challenges.

1. Implementing Reward Feedback Mechanism: 

A comprehensive reward feedback mechanism should be established for users to provide feedback on the offers listed on the platform. It will optimize user satisfaction and refine the platform’s offerings. This feedback can be taken at various stages of their user journey, starting with feedback on reward views and their experience in claiming rewards at the merchant site. Users should be prompted to express both positive and negative feedback regarding specific attributes such as merchant brand, coin conversion, and discount value. This multifaceted feedback system will enhance the efficiency of reward discovery through personalization and customization of offers for consumers. It will also guide merchants in designing more appealing offers. 

2. Sorting Out the Rewards

A combination of sorting and filtering options will enable a more streamlined and personalized approach to finding relevant rewards. The sorting options like relevance, new, popular, and expiring soon will provide users with a dynamic way to organize rewards. It will help them check for the relevant and if any of them are getting expired soon. Along with the sorting options, filtering options like memberships, brands, location-based, and saved preferences will enable users to further refine their search based on specific criteria. It will ensure a more targeted and efficient discovery process. This introduction of an expedited rewards discovery feature may impact traditional metrics like page views of merchant offers. To understand the relevance of rewards user preferences can be taken during user signup (or onboarding process).

3. Payment Option Recommendation

To avoid payment failures, users must be recommended on the payment options basis of the current performance of various payment options. They must also be intimidated about the typical settlement time beforehand in case of failures. In case of failed transactions a reasonable time (e.g. 2 days) must be provided for resolution with options of cred app customer care call back as the ticket ages. 

 Bonus Tip

In addition to upgrading the UX, improving the cred app UI design is crucial for the general user’s ease of use and understanding. Incorporating elements such as plus navigation (i.e. up, down, left, and right movements) and title icons can significantly simplify the app’s categories and overall interface.

Cred App UX Decoded

1. What makes the Cred app so popular among users?

The Cred app’s popularity can be attributed to its innovative rewards system, the ability to manage multiple credit cards in one place, timely payment reminders, and rewarding taxpayers. 

2. How did Cred acquire its substantial customer base?

Cred gained popularity, especially after its IPL promotions, successfully attracting 20% of India’s total credit cardholders and over 1 crore downloads on the Google Play Store.

3. What major concerns did the reviews by users on the Cred app reflect?

The major concerns are cashback balances, ticket resolution delays, and delays in payment updates. 

4. How did Yellow Slice conduct the UX review for the Cred app?

Yellow Slice’s UX team conducted an in-depth competitor analysis, assessing whether the app adheres to UX design principles and offers features comparable to industry competitors.

5. What improvements did Yellow Slice recommend for the Cred app’s UX?

The suggested improvements include implementing a comprehensive reward feedback mechanism, sorting and filtering reward options, recommending payment options based on performance, and providing timely resolutions for payment issues. 

Transform your App/Web experience with UX Audit

While the Cred app has undeniably achieved great success, our UX review has identified key areas for improvement to enhance user experience. The app’s popularity stems from its innovative rewards system, comprehensive credit card management, and commitment to financial responsibility. 

However, our expert UX team at Yellow Slice highlighted concerns regarding the relevance and discovery of rewards, as well as the need for faster payments and resolutions. To address these issues, we propose implementing a reward feedback mechanism, allowing users to provide insights on the offers, sorting and filtering the rewards, recommending payment options based on performance, and providing timely resolution for payment failures. 

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