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Golden Porch is a Casino Management Brand that has been known for year in Goa and around India. They came to us to bring experience on their website by showing their services. We took that as an opportunity to turn it into a memorable experience.

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We found that majority people in India love to experience a Casino and are unable we though this was an advantage and planned our portal accordingly.

Yellow Slice - Golden Porch

Casino Lobby

We visited the one of the Casinos at Goa and noticed that we could fit the entire casino in a simple panorama effect which would help skeumorph the experience of a Casino.

Panorama Shot

We called in photographers who were best at doing panorama shots and shot the entire casino in 360 degrees keeping the camera right at the center of the room.

Yellow Slice - Golden Porch

Arrange Images

It was then upto photo editors to get on with merging everything together and creating moods, some of the frames were modified only to enhance the visual appeal.

Yellow Slice - Golden Porch Arrange Images
Yellow Slice - Golden Porch Arrange Images
Yellow Slice - Golden Porch Arrange Images
Yellow Slice - Golden Porch Arrange Images
Yellow Slice - Golden Porch image 7

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FAQs For Golden Porch

How do you take a Panorama Shot?

To take a panorama shot, you’ll need to use a camera that supports panorama mode. This mode will allow you to capture a wide-angle view by stitching together multiple photos. To get started, find a spot with a good view and set up your camera on a tripod. Once you’re ready, begin taking photos, making sure to overlap each one by about 30%. Once you’re finished, you can use a photo editing program to stitch the photos together and create your panorama.

What are Panoramic Shots used for?

Panoramic shots are often used in landscape photography to capture a wide view of the scene. They can also be used in cityscape photography to capture the grandeur of a cityscape. Panoramic shots can also be used to capture large groups of people, such as at a sporting event or concert.

Do Casinos have Lobbies?

Yes, casinos typically have lobbies. These are usually large, open spaces that serve as the main entrance to the casino lobbies where guests can wait to be admitted into the gaming area.

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