The two most important indicators of a successful business are its growth and profitability. And, one simply cannot deny that both of these factors are customer-centric. Hence, without catering to a customer and ensuring that his experience of the entire transaction is top-notch satisfactory is the way to go. In this blog, we will learn about how important is UX in business growth and profitability.

While most companies focus on their products, it is 2023 and we cannot stress enough on the importance of visibility. Thus, a company’s UX is not limited to its product alone. It starts right from its first sight, brand recognition, sales and delivery and right up to after-sales services and follow-ups.

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Here we are, to talk about one such way to attract more people to our business with the help of which we would be able to work efficiently on Business growth & profitability, and that is by implementing optimal User Experience (UX) design.

But hold on. If you think UX is just for the dotcoms and online businesses, you might be wrong. Effective UX can be beneficial to all businesses, online or brick and mortar. If an e-commerce company is expected to have accessible login or cart buttons, a traditional store such as departmental store is also expected to have shopping baskets or trolleys accessible at multiple places across the store. A customer would get irritated and abort his purchase on either of the market places if things are not in place. That is exactly why we need UX to be implemented to enhance customer experience which in turn triggers business growth and profitability.

Role of UX in business growth and profitability.

It isn’t a lesser-known fact that UX is also about product creation and hence has several roles in helping businesses accomplish their organisational goals.

Why is UX design important to a business?

As we move towards the digital way of selling, it is important that we all need to work on the digital presence and product creation of our business, something we can do with the help of UX design.

Here’s how UX design works in an online buying process: Most websites request you to create an account which saves your address and payment details. In case of a repeat order, you are not expected to enter these details again. Another further to this would be logging into various other portals using a standardised Google or Facebook account. This further eliminates any need to remember individual credentials for multiple platforms.

User Experience can offer some great benefits to your business. Simple features such as customer reviews or testimonials add credibility to your brand and product. This further help new potential customers to speed up their purchase. 

Role of UX in Business Growth & Profitability: 

Simplifying Transactions:

UX is majorly used to improvise on traditional methods in such a way that they save time and generate more value to a customer. This can be done by giving personalised recommendations or having a bestsellers section. Similarly, traditional stores display essentials or frequently bought products right next to the billing counter.

When shopping is made this easy, a customer enjoys the process. This further adds more value to the purchase made by a customer. 

With super low transaction times, we can surely foresee better conversions with UX Optimization.
With super low transaction times, we can surely foresee better conversions. 

Increasing Conversions:

The internet is filled with several service providers that offer the same kind of services. The market is competitive and we all want to win the rat race. Effective UX ensures that we do not over-complicate user experience. Thus, with super low transaction times, we can surely foresee better conversions. 

Save Costs:

Investing in UX provides a much better ROI than other forms of development. 

While effective UX will help us make changes to the wireframe at multiple levels easily without abrupting the function of the website, making changes to the core development of a website may put it out of service for a few hours. 

Improving SEO:

In the current times where SEO is no longer as easy as it used to be, UX can come handy. Today, spiders not only consider your content but also the processes, ease of navigation, etc. All of this eventually adds up to user experience catering to their retention and conversion.

Word of Mouth Referrals:

Old school never goes out of fashion. 

What better than one to one referrals and positive talk about your brand? Thus, someone who had a great experience with your brand, will in turn be your undesignated brand ambassador.  

UX also helps brands make the social sharing process more straightforward and thus, generate better interactions on social media.

UX Can be a Key Differentiator:

In today’s customer-oriented market, UX can make or break your game. 

It enables something called the aesthetic usability effect which makes the brain respond better to something that is aesthetically more appealing than garish.

Thus, having the right kind of UX design will dictate if it’s you being chosen or your competitor.  Hiring a right kind of UX designer is important too.

Call to Action:

CTA or Call to Action is what businesses thrive on. We all want a customer to do something value-generating on the website such as writing a review or making a purchase. Now image an instance where a customer simply cannot find or access CTA. 

UX design is all about placing the CTA at the right places with the right prompts. This in turn drastically increases your customer engagement and interactions. 

Branding & Loyalty:

Easier and friendlier the interface, the better chances of a customer remembering you and coming back to you. 

First Impression is the Last Impression when it comes to UX
First Impression is the Last Impression.

Better FTUE:

First Impression is the Last Impression.

Remember the times you went to a new website and browsed because you liked the interface or simple shut because you didn’t like them one bit? That is exactly how UX can affect FTUE.


It is the UX Design that dictates the entire process of lead generation, engagement, conversion and retention.

Investing in UX & finding the UI/UX Design Company is not an option, but the way to go. In the coming years, it is UX that will determine which company survives and which one bites the dust.  

FAQs For UX in Business

How UX is important for business?

User Experience can offer some great benefits to your business. Simple features such as customer reviews or testimonials add credibility to your brand and product. This further help new potential customers speed up their purchase.

Why is UI UX development essential for business growth?

In the era where digitalization is growing, businesses are growing too. there is ample competition in the field of UX and UI hence development is essential as many businesses have turned to online platforms for better profit.

What are the benefits of UX?

With the help of UX, we are able to understand user-centric needs to help improve businesses, websites, apps, or other platforms. As many sectors of business have turned to online platforms. Ux validates users’ problems with solutions, which in turn helps online platforms.

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