UX designers and Web designers need to work hand-in-hand to curate a web design that attracts the intended audience to the website and encourages them to spend more time with the same.

Having an online presence is imperative for every business these days. No matter which sector you belong to, your unique digital identity and how you interact with your users are primary to your business and its success. Keeping your customers engaged and providing them with a user experience that stands out is also something that has become extremely important in today’s competitive business world, especially for those vying for their customers online.

It is all about providing a unique user experience, something that your customers will enjoy while interacting with your web design or app and thus, will remember you amidst several other similar service providers.

And a great UI design complete with the key elements can do that and much more!

And a great UI design complete with the key elements can do that and much more!

What is User Interface Design For Website

What is User Interface (UI) Design For a Website?

User interface design is all about combining visual appeal to your web design while retaining its functionality and usability. It is all about how user-friendly your website is. Today’s end user is extremely smart and expects nothing but the best from their service providers. This is why most smart businesses are utilizing the power of a responsive web design with numerous visual elements to entice and attract users, and in turn, enjoy a higher conversion rate.

A study by Forrester suggests that investing in better website UI designing can increase your conversion rates to up to 200%. Providing the right information quickly, guiding them to the right call to action, providing easy navigation, and still maintaining a website’s visual appeal are the fundamentals of a good web UI design. 

So, how do you create a modern & creative website UI design that is also attractive, something that will keep your users engaged and bring more business? Here are five golden rules of UI Designing for creating engaging, appealing, and user-centric websites: 

UI Design For Website: Know Your Target Audience

UI Design For Website: Know Your Target Audience

Design is very subjective, but if you know your audience well, you will not go wrong with it. Research well before getting down to the design elements. Understand what your audience likes, how they find you on a search engine, what they would want to see first on your landing page, their buying patterns, the market behavior, and more.

When curating the UI/UX web design, also try figuring out a particular font or color palette that might catch their eye,

If your web designers get their choices right, you have them hooked to your website. Also, don’t ignore your competition. Keep an eye on what your competitors are doing and which design tools they are using. It is a good way of understanding the pulse of your customers and knowing what you don’t need to do.

 UI design For Website

Simplicity is the best policy, even when it comes to UI design For the Website

Steven Krug once said, “Clarity trumps consistency.”

It is quite easy for UI designers to get carried away by adding too many design elements in order to create something engaging. However, the idea behind a useful modern website design is to bring clarity and guide your customers to the right information and call to action. It doesn’t require a jazzy graphic design, an over-complicated navigation toolbar, or other such elements.

All your web page needs is a clear idea about how you wish to present the most important information to your customers and do it in a way that makes it easy for them to locate what they have come looking for. Nobody wants to spend a second extra on admiring the design if the functionality is not up to the mark. Most websites that are able to make a mark, are those that use simple designs, load easily on mobile devices, and provide clear navigation.

UI Design For Website: Information Architecture is essential

UI Design For Website: Information Architecture is essential 

It is important that your website ushers your users to the desired endpoints, to the place where you want them to reach in order to enhance business. This can be done with proper visual design patterns. Plan how you will design the website in advance with your UX designer and your UI designer so that you can incorporate the most visually appealing cues to guide the users. This will enable the creation of an intuitive interface that will work seamlessly for mobile sites and desktop sites alike!

Bold typography, feature videos, and overall attractive landing pages as part of web development can prove to be the key in this regard. The use of different fonts, apt proportions of white space, and various highlighted buttons can yield the desired results as far as visual appearance and call to action are concerned. A web design without clear navigation is of no use if the user interacts with the same piece of information again and again!

And this can result in a higher bounce rate.

UI Design For Website: Less is More!

UI Design For Website: Less is More!

Minimalist design is the key to creating a website that is loved by search engines and mobile devices alike. A responsive design with ample white space, the optimal number of web pages, a visually soothing color scheme restricted to the use of just a few select colors, and bite-sized pieces of information are bound to generate leads at a much higher rate than a website with long-winded navigation menus and information overload. A hamburger menu is the perfect example of a minimalist design element.

Of course, when you have sufficient white space, you can always opt to display large product images and other imperative marketing materials which can prove to be instrumental in capturing the audience’s attention. Moreover, when you choose to use only the important elements with relevant content, you are more likely to make your website visitor stay for longer!

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Let your customers give feedback On UI Design For the Website

Customers love to provide their valuable feedback and you must provide them the space to do so. This will not only let them know that their opinion is important to you, but it can actually help you pave your way toward a better, mobile-friendly modern website layout design.

With the feedback forms, they can vent their frustration in case they encountered any hiccups in browsing your website. Trust us, this can prove to be much more beneficial than your run-of-the-mill user testing.

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If they have a place where they can submit their complaints and provide feedback about their experience, they will feel more satisfied than when they have nowhere to complain. 

An impressive web interface design can be the difference between a good and a great website. User experience is something businesses should not ignore at any cost. It is this experience that will gain you more customers and increase your conversion rate. This is the reason why businesses across the world are now heavily investing in creating a great user experience and website design that functions flawlessly, and you should too.

Website UI Design Guidelines: The DOs and DONTs of UI/UX Design

Understanding Your UsersFilling screens with irrelevant information
Responsive UXAsking for Permission right at the start
Single Locus of AttentionDon’t Use Too Many Gestures
Prioritize FeaturesSay NO to Dead End Pages
Clear the ClutterAvoid Using Jargon

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding UI Design For Website

What are the benefits of having a good web UI design?

UI UX design is all about giving the users a memorable and enjoyable browsing experience and a good UI design provides several benefits. UI-based design systems are directed at increasing the user base, greater user engagement and retention, increased brand recognition and loyalty, higher business, lesser maintenance cost, and enhanced usability. All these benefits directly impact your business in a positive manner. 

What are the main principles of a great web UI design?

To achieve better UI design for a website you should ensure that your website design is simple, provides easy navigation, has a visual hierarchy to enhance proper user engagement, provides important information and call to action easily, and engages the user in a positive manner irrespective of screen sizes. The users must be able to find what they want quickly in order to have a higher conversion. 

Why is knowing your audience is important to create a good web UI design?

A different set of customers have a different set of likes and dislikes and you need to understand their preferences so that you can provide them with a modern web design that suits your brand identity, while also resonating with the tastes of your direct users. You can do that only if you know your audience well. Knowing what they like, their preferences, buying patterns, sensibilities, etc are important to hold their attention. 

What is the difference between UI and UX? 

UX and UI are very closely related and often confused as the same, but they are two different entities. UX refers to the overall user experience that a customer has while visiting a website. On the other hand, the user interface focuses on the overall look and feel of a website. These two are very different, but they work together as a whole. Contrary to popular belief, a web developer has little to no role in creating a responsive design, and this task is almost always handled by dedicated UI and UX designers.


To create a website that attracts and converts well, having a user interface design that connects with the user is important. This blog tells you all you need to know about the golden rules of interface for websites. These UI design rules will only allow you to understand what your UI designer is doing to create your brand website, but also help you realize what UI elements you may want to have in it.

To summarize, the user interface (UI) golden rules we discussed above for designing your website are as follows:

  •  Know Your Target Audience
  • Simplicity is the best policy when it comes to UI design
  • Information Architecture is essential
  • Less is More to design a responsive website
  • Ensure customer feedback

So, does your brand website check all the boxes of being a website with amazing UI/UX design? If not, don’t worry, we are here to help.

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