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If you can sense the type!

After dropping my education in chartered accountancy I decided to start my education in graphic designing. While pursuing a course in graphic designing, Typography was the subject which inspired me a lot maybe because of my typography mentor Kruti Saraiya.

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“ I believe that you don’t need a visually appealing design, or alluring colors to convey emotions and message to your audiences. A simple use of achromatic color typography, can make your audience sense what you want to convey.”

In fact, the type itself can be the hero of any web design or visual. I have read “Type Tasting” by Sarah Hyndman who has written about the power of Type, which could be sensed by people. Now let’s experience the power of type. According to this book, you can sense type through your five senses. You can taste, sniff, hear and feel type with the way letters are shaped or placed.

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Which one makes you feel alert?
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Can you hear me?
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Which one taste sour?
Yellow Slice - Sensor Type
“Which fragrance lingers?

A food brand can easily evoke hunger with the mere tweaking of fonts and shapes of the letters, while they can trigger your olfactory sense if used by a perfume brand.

Many of us end up making some mistakes. We don’t think about the end users, whom we are reaching out to. Offering the right experience with type is more important, you have to take into consideration the purpose and place, where your typography is going to be used.If you fail to test your type before it reaches out to your audience, it won’t be able to create the desired impact.Third and the most common mistake committed by the designers is over thinking, you shouldn’t be obsessing about one common type.

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Pursued Communication design specialized in UX/UI design. His love for sketching, doodles, technology, and communication through storytelling with help of visual aids have always driven him to be a creative geek. For him, photography, playing with fonts, exploring different archives on typeface specimens, and reading become the next companion in his spare time.