UIUX business focuses on customers and its satisfaction levels.

UI/UX business focusses on serving the customer

UI/UX business was never evolved until today’s times. Traditionally, business was seen as a way to merely earn profits. The primary function was to sell products and services. If you had a way to make the customer buy, that was enough for a business to be called successful. 

But this does not hold any water in the current environment. The focus today is on creating value by serving the customer. In the recent past, this focus has increased. Since the emphasis is on serving the customer, the product becomes an essential carrier of the experience that is being provided to the customer. And UI/UX controls how that experience is provided. 

Over time, customers have evolved a new process of deciding who to buy from. They are no longer looking at just the product or just the company. It is the relationship they share with that company, which matters more. Customers are increasingly choosing businesses who have a relationship with them.

UI/UX Businesses are using this insight to build connections with their customers. Every product is a new experience, and UI/UX is the best tool to deliver that experience.

UI/UX business designing wireframes
Designing wireframes ease out the process of the website/app development.

Speed and ease of design

After deciding what is the best way to implement UX for an application/ website, there is no need to start from scratch with every new change. As the awareness of UX spreads through the team, it becomes easier, simpler and more economical to make designs. 

Now that AI has become stronger than ever, the information can be fed to softwares, which can then proceed with the design without any intervention whatsoever. AI software libraries can store important components of the design which can be accessed whenever needed.

UI/UX business design in alignment to personalities

The growth in AI has enabled users to have hyper-personalised experience on websites and applications. The AI can note the users’ gender, age and many other demographic and behavioural information. 

This information is then used to devise a UI which is customised to appeal to those specific groups of people. For many digital services, such UI can be generated real time to cater to every user that visits the application or website.

Increase in demand of industrial designers and craftsmen

With lightning-fast developments in technology, industrial designers and craftsmen had fallen out of favour. But lately, with the emergence of AI as one of the fastest growing components of technology – there is fresh demand for these skills. 

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Part of the reason is the increased importance of AR and VR in designing. Augmented reality and Virtual Reality demand a designer to have a strong understanding of the environment and every object in it. They need to know everything to recreate everything. 

3D printing and the growth of three dimensional design is another reason for industrial designers and craftsmen to be in demand. Because it is they who know how to build and design three dimensional objects, not just mimic reality on software.

Both AR, VR and 3D are essential UX/ UI components, and as they get more advanced, such skilled craftsmen will find themselves gainfully employed.

High-tech Cars & Its user-friendly dashboard design (Courtesy: BMW)

Advanced cars and smarter homes

For many years, self-driving cars and flying cars have been part of human imagination, shown only in movies. Finally, self-driving cars are a reality, and some companies like Tesla are already commercially producing such cars. Many other companies are either already producing or are in advanced stages of production. Obviously, AI is a huge part of this as the car has to start behaving as if there’s a human behind the wheels. 

Even homes are getting more and more smarter. It is no longer futuristic to control complex functions in a house just by speaking a voice command. Home automation companies are making AI-enabled tools which are now more affordable than ever before. 

These technologies are not only enriching user experience but transforming the way people interact with their vehicles and homes.

Design Thinking Process
design thinking process : Yellow Slice

UI/UX business gives importance to design thinking

There was a time when design was perceived to be just a basic aesthetic function. But it is different now. Even company executives are now aware of the importance of having design thinking integrated in business processes. They understand that design thinking is more of a comprehensive approach rather than just an aesthetic.

Design thinking is one such process which helps brainstorm ideas and takes action on the problem areas and brings out the exact solution. User personas to understand the needs, behaviours, motivations and moods of customers. With the help of AI, it’s becoming handy to generate the age, gender & other demographics of people.

– Kishor Fogla

With the increasing importance of UX/UI, businesses are more conscious of the role of design thinking than ever before. Technology and design are more integrated now. 

It is believed that over the years, design thinking will help AI and human intelligence to come together and create a vibrant and successful user experience.  

A good UIUX design has the potential to increase conversations, and add value to businesses through understanding their target customers, with various research methods. The main motive is to serve our customers in the best possible way. The intensive research helps to find the problem areas of the product and helps to solve them with ease.

FAQs For UI/UX Business

How UI UX is important for business?

UI and UX prove to be important for businesses as they strive for user engagement, which in turn results to brand value.

How UX works in customer service?

With the help of UI and UX, customer service has become a matter of how the relationship is built between customers and the platform.

How does UI UX help business?

With the help of good UX and UI, many businesses could profit from engagement with the help of good design, which also leads to customer satisfaction.

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