Why does Every Business Need to Focus on User Experience?

Picked up from the place of my choice, dropped off at the place of my choice. And I bounce out of the car like a celebrity. My ride feels like it was so smooth and free as there was neither cash exchanged nor credit card pulled out. The entire transaction was managed through a slick, pretty app on my mobile. What am I talking about?

Ola, Uber? Yes, but more importantly I am talking about the User Experience or UX.

Yellow Slice - Focus on UX Experience

In fact, UX has been the game-changer for players like Ola and Uber and other rides – share startups. How?

It differentiates them from traditional kali peelis and radio car companies; infact even auto-rickshaws.

Yellow Slice - Focus on UX Experience

You don’t have to wait for a rickshaw in the midst of rain or under the scorching sun. You can book your cab while you sip your morning coffee and step out the moment it arrives near your house. How convenient is that!

Inarguably, UX is revolutionising every business today. In fact, ‘User experience’ is fast becoming the defining and differentiating strategy of every business.

UX made its way into the real world in the late 1990s. That was the time when businesses gunning for market share discovered that a user-friendly web interface gave them an edge over their competitors. Today, UX is a fundamental business requirement.

Yellow Slice - Focus on UX Experience

In today’s marketplace, a business can become or remain a leader only if it prioritises and puts money behind creating an enhanced user experience that meets its consumers’ needs, and more importantly, their expectations.

Let’s look at another real-life example to understand why every business needs to focus on User Experience.

Digitalization of business means elevate user experience, similarly it means benefitting users with greater experience with the product thus it makes sure the bouncing rate on website will increase and so the business.

– Kishor Fogla

If you speak to any successful restaurateur, you will realise how much focus and investment they put into:

Making sure their employees provide their customers (users) an extraordinary dining experience.

Get in touch

Create an unforgettable user experience

Taking care of the ambiance of the interior

Grooming the host to greet customers well

Training the server to facilitate the dishes efficiently

Taking care of the tiniest bits like free mints and post-meal wet wipes.

It’s this experience that a customer looks forward to in addition to the core product (the meal). This pretty much makes or breaks a customer’s perception of the business. It also determines whether or not she will return and recommend her friends. Around 70% of restaurant customers regard user experience as their number one concern and complaint. It’s not just about the food anymore!

So if user experiences matter a great deal in real-world interactions, wouldn’t it in the digital realm too?

Yellow Slice - Focus on UX Experience

If you help a user complete a task much quicker and with ease as compared to your competition, that user will definitely choose you over others. Why? Because every user is in a hurry. If she gets what she wants in a jiffy, you have a loyal consumer.


When you put efforts into solving user problems, it conveys you care about your users. Enhancing user experience at every step of the way is the key. That’s how your business can gain an edge over its competitors in serving your customers effectively.

FAQs For User Experience

What is User Experience in business?

User experience in business refers to the way customers interact with a company’s products or services. It encompasses everything from the way a product is designed and how easy it is to use, to the way customer service is handled. Creating a positive user experience is essential for any business that wants to retain customers and grow.

But why is UX Design important for your business?

A good UX design can help you create a better user experience for your customers, which can lead to more sales and repeat business. Additionally, a good UX design can help you improve your brand image and reputation. It can also help you save money by reducing customer support costs and improving efficiency.

How does User Experience help businesses?

User experience (UX) helps businesses by improving the way their products and services are designed and delivered. By taking into account the needs and expectations of users, businesses can create products and services that are more user-friendly and efficient. This in turn leads to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty, as well as higher levels of productivity and profitability.

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