UI & UX Design for Buzzhawkker


Client Brief

Laughter is not only contagious but also addictive. Humor that gives you the ecstasy and ‘buzz’ is what BuzzHawkers are after. They take ‘Make in India’ seriously and promote ‘Desi’ humor. India is a fertile ground for such ‘high’ humor and the audience is ready to roll with it! We had the opportunity to enhance their idea with UI and UX processes.



Understanding the requirement, our designers deep-dived into how we can create Buzz Hawker as a standout brand, with a mission to keep the users engagging.



Brand Values

The motto is to give endless desi humor to a wider range of audience. For that the content and execution needs to be enticing. We researched our target audience who consumes such content through different mediums such as Instagram reels and the likes. Our findings lead us to a few conclusions:

  • The audience likes to have a seamless flow of content as the humour is highly entertaining and addictive.
  • The audience would like to invest their free time in consuming the content. Gathering the data, we experimented with user behavior with these implementations:
  • Limiting the consumption of content to 5 a day and when the user comes back the next day, the consumption limit will increase to 6 a day and so on in continuation with consecutive days.
  • The user can become our patron and can offer donations of however amount they deem fit.
  • The amount of consumption reflects on the level of the user.


  • We made test navigations tests.
  • We built a prototype which will help us define strategies, documentation, sitemaps, etc
  • We lead with a mobile-first approach and made mobile apps and website.
  • We went forward with desktop website and added features such as preview play.
  • We also incorporated badges as a part of the experience
  • As the user matures, the content will suggested to them according to their interest.
  • We also did the UI. It was dark at first.