CellarStone - Simplifying Software Usability by Improving its UI/UX Design

Here’s how Yellow Slice helped CellarStone improve its software UI/UX design to streamline its usability and enhance user experience.


About CellarStone

CellarStone Inc. offers enterprise consulting and application outsourcing services for businesses. Their offices are headquartered both in California and India. They provide online and offline business productivity solutions.QCommission is one of their software products that allows its users to calculate salespeople’s commissions without any hassle.

Problem Statement

To redesign the software by simplifying the UI and UX, hence, making it easier and faster for users to learn the software.

Designing the Solution

To know where to start, we conducted task tests on their current portal and took interviews with the existing users to know the problem in depth.


The software is for business administration to manage the sales commission, payees, incentives, business products, and many other business and financial aspects of the business. Software this elaborate needed comprehensive presentation in order to avoid confusion while using it.

After complete research and collating the data, it was clear that the portal was very well made functional with a lot of features, satisfying all customer needs but severely lacking usability making the tool very difficult and confusing to use.


Brand Values

After understanding the requirement and the product, we wanted to know its clients and the end-users of the software. Keeping the company's current client base in mind, we created two personas: Existing Users and New Users.

We also improvised the Sitemap and merged and hyperlinked a few screens together to minimize the back & forth users had to do to jump modules. We further streamlined the user journey & flow by making it task-oriented rather than showing all features in one place without context.

Sitemap of Brand Design for Celler Stone


Based on the sitemap, and the changes we stated above, these are the wireframes our designers created.

Wireframes of Brand Design for Celler Stone


Some more changes in the UX included making the navigation flexible so that users can toggle it from the sidebar to the top with a single click. Similar changes were made throughout the entire portal to make customization easier.

A guiding, hand-holding experience was captured across all the high-fidelity wireframes. The designs were created keeping the software white-labeling in mind. We had to ensure that the software UI complemented the client’s brand and the previous familiarity, for the software users. All of this while making sure that the UX is easy to understand.

All the screens were then divided into Key Wireframes to maintain consistency and ease of use, at the same time also making development easier. UI was made with the help of Atomic Design, illustrations were customized to suit the tone and mood of the portal with a customized loader for QCommission.

Color & Typography

We used the Source Sans Pro font family which is easy to read and scale, perfect for the software UI.

For colors, we chose a subtle, pale palette that offered sophistication and minimalism. The concept went well with our idea of making the software easy to use and navigate.

UI Styling of Brand Design for Celler Stone


Cool illustrations make software visually talk to its users. To help the software users connect with their work dashboards, we created a set of brightly-colored contemporary illustrations.

Illustrations of Brand Designing Of Celler Stone

Using all the UI elements showcased above, we designed the following UI screens for the client’s software.

UI Screens of Brand Design for Celler Stone


More than 80% of its users have given the software a 5-star rating for the Ease-of Use aspect of the software and have applauded its user-friendliness.

The users now spend less time learning the software and more time using it. With the changes in the UI and UX designs, the company has also garnered more clients and better reviews over time.

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