Brand Designing Of Celler Stone


Client Brief

Cellarstone is an international company that has launched multiple products. Their biggest product Qcommsion was to be redesigned for better Usability and User Experience.


Qcommision is an internationally used product, design help user to calculate commissions for sales representatives. An app that calculates sales rep's compensation accurately, quickly, and professionally. Though the app had all the required functions and features, it had a very high learning curve and incoherent user experience to understand better, we conducted task tests on their current portal and took interviews with the existing users to know in depth.


Brand Values

"After a complete research and collating the data, it was clear that the portal was very well made functional with a lot of features, satisfying all customer needs but severely lacking usability making the tool very difficult and confusing to use. Keeping the company's current client base in mind, we created two personas: Existing Users New Users. Improvised on the Sitemap and merging and hyperlinked a few screens together, we further created a hand-holding experience by making the journey & flow, task-oriented rather than just representing all features at one time without context."



Later we made a flexible Navigation that can be switched from Sidebar to Top with a single click. And similar to this the whole portal is filled with User customization. Overall the handholding experience is captured while creating High Fidelity Wireframe, all the while keeping White-labelling in mind. All the screens were then divided into Key Wireframes to maintain consistency and ease of use, at the same time also making development easier. UI was made with the help of Atomic Design, illustrations were customized to suit the tone and mood of the portal with a customized loader for Qcommision.