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Finolex | Yellow Slice - UI/UX Studio in Mumbai

The case study illustrates how Yellow Slice’s UI design solutions helped Finolex create an app that improves communication between electricians, dealers, and customers

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Client Brief

What do you do when your house's electricity circuit breaks down or your favorite appliance stops working suddenly? You’d probably find the number of your trusted electrician to check out the problem and get it fixed. However, if you are contacting the electrician for the first time, you may try to find one online.

Finding an electrician or electric product dealer online can be hard when you don’t know how good they are at what they do. However, when people find an electrician via someone they trust, they tend to trust the capabilities of the electrician as well.

Knowing this, Finolex wanted to do something about the electricians and electrical contractors connected with them. They created an app and approached Yellow Slice to design its user interface.

About Finolex

Finolex is a trusted electric cables and wires brand that now has expanded its product offerings in the field of household electronics. Finolex is a name trusted by many Indian households for its product quality and safety of use.

Finolex wanted to leverage this trust and help the electric technicians and contractors connected with it, find an additional form of income.

That is how they created the app, Finolex Electrician. It allows registered electricians and electric dealers to communicate directly with customers to help solve their electrical problems.

Problem Statement

Since their target audience included electricians as well as general consumers, Finolex wanted us to design the user interface of their app to ensure that it can be used by people with the minimum knowledge of digital communication.

The app will work as a platform for consumers to find electricians when needed and it allows the electricians to gain some extra income by fulfilling the individual jobs offered by the consumers.

Designing the Solution

We needed to design the UI for an app that offered transparent communication between Finolex, its electricians, and the customers.


To understand what we were going to offer its users, we needed to first understand its users. Hence we started by creating the user persona for the app.

User Persona

Icon Design of UX & UI Design for Factura


Apart from the general public, our target audience was also going to be electricians who may or may not be digitally tech-savvy. Hence, we needed to design the interface in such a way that it doesn’t need much training for them to use the app.

With that in mind, we created the workflow for the app.




Once we had organized the UI components and the workflow that will be used for the app. It was time to implement our solution.

Icons & Avatars

We used the following icons and avatars to flesh out the user interface.

UI Screens

No. of Screens:

We designed the following UI screens using the elements decided previously. While designing, we focused on using simple and interactive design elements with bold typefaces. The minimalist, monochrome interface improved legibility and ensured that the user does not get confused by any additional element within any screen.


The clean, minimalistic interface leaves little room for confusion. The monochrome blue-colored interface reflects the brand’s identity and values. Sans Serif font throughout the interface gives a professional look to the app.

Regardless of who uses the app, the interface ensures that they go through the shortest of learning curves and start using the app to its full potential promptly.

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