Fintoo Case Study: Inspiring Trust in Online Investment Platform With UI/UX Design Solutions

The case study shows how our UI/UX design solutions helped Fintoo, an online investment platform, increase user engagement and trust.


Client Brief

These days, we don’t have a shortage of websites and portals facilitating online investments. However, the difference between the popular ones and the ones that people don’t want to use is the trust the visitors put in them.

People who already use the platform and are aware of its services trust them because of the good customer experience. But the new, inexperienced visitors will need more than that to first start using the service.

Website elements like the content, testimonials, as well as UI & UX design of the website portal, encourage user trust in the brand.

Fintoo approached us to ensure that the UI/UX design part of its website is impeccable.

About Fintoo

Fintoo is a popular financial advisory and investment platform. They differentiate themselves with services like advice on the go and connecting their users with expert financial and tax advisors. The platform uses a balanced mix of modern technology and traditional wisdom to help its users achieve their financial goals.

It is the single-point destination for financial, investments, and tax queries.

Problem Statement

Experienced investors are always looking for more with features and flexibility of purchase. The time taken to move from decision to purchase is considerably small. The portal is required to serve these audiences.

Fintoo wanted us to create a website and portal that connects with its audiences.


Designing the Solution

We had to dive deep into understanding the behavior of the users, to help us gain knowledge in this domain. We took a qualitative approach by interviewing 15 participants to understand how they interacted with the brand.

Fintoo brand data analytics


We had the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and metrics that we wanted to achieve with our design solution. Apart from that, we had to map the user journey flow to understand which actions would be repeated and should be focused upon.

KPI & Metrics

KPI & Metrics Product and Web Design for Fintoo

User Journey Flow

User Journey Flow of Product and Web Design for Fintoo

User Persona

We also created user personas to understand the pain points and goals of the website user. Personas are the core of every strategy proposed in a UX process. Each persona helped us take the right approach and build the story of the product. Later, it was also used for creating website scenarios and feature lists.

User Journey Flow of Product and Web Design for Fintoo
User Journey Flow of Product and Web Design for Fintoo


With the idea and design strategy in place, we then started the implementation process. We ensured that the banners, where the users first land, offered deep impact and visually showcased just what the brand wanted its visitors to know.

UI Screens

No. of Screens:

Flat style and perspective style was what gave the app an extra edge over its competitors. It also created a good sense of maturity and confidence that in turn induced trust in the users

Execute UI Screens of Product and Web Design for Fintoo


Animations were a great way to draw user attention within the static background of the investment website. Using the Lottie Library, we created custom animated banners for Fintoo that made the website come alive on landing.

Fintoo brand website desktop view
Fintoo website dashboard
Fintoo brand dashboard
Fintoo product page


The website design ensured that the visitor takes time to go through the content with its quirky animation and elements. Whereas, the simplicity of the portal makes it easier for the user to manage their portfolio and make the most out of its features.

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