TripXOXO Case Study: Making Holiday Planning Easier With UI & UX Design Solutions

The case study illustrates how UI/UX design solutions from Yellow Slice helped TripXOXO's users to plan their vacations on the go with a user-friendly app.

  • Client

    TripXOXO by Travel Port

  • Task

    Product and Web Design

  • Services

    UI & UX design


Project Duration:

Planning holidays online has now made it easier for users to plan and book their vacation spots. This is especially true if you are trying to plan your vacation at the last minute. Many people have their preferred website or app to book their vacation. Most of the time, it is because they find it easier to use that app or website.

You see how the website or application’s UI and UX play a major role in users deciding whether they want to plan their trip from a specific app or not.

Our client TripXOXO wanted to ensure that their users get the best experience while planning their vacation using their app. And that is why, they approached Yellow Slice.

About TripXOXO

TripXOXO is a subsidiary of Travel Port and offers online vacation planning and booking services to its users. It offers activities, trips, and attractions to more than 190 countries across the globe. The company already has a presence online with its website.

The service provider offers personalized travel experiences to its users by partnering with businesses within their domain and using technology to ensure that their users and clients have a great time during their journeys.

Problem Statement

Just like their vision to offer awesome travel experiences to their customers, our clients at TripXOXO wanted us to design an app that will allow its users to plan their vacations on the go using their service and offers.

The main goal was to give its users a great experience using the app to make them come back for more.

Designing the Solution

The client wanted us to create the app in a way that the users will be able to find their personalized activities easily on the app.


Our first goal was to understand the end-users of the app and their pain points to locate their goals and expectations from the app. For that, our team builds a user persona based on our findings.

User Persona



Based on our understanding of user goals, we came up with sitemaps that depicted the user flow.

Tripxoxo website sitemap
Tripxoxo brand taskflow


Once the flow was decided, we started working on wireframes to structurize our designs.

Tripxoxo brand UI

Products Screen

Tripxoxo mobile UI

Results Screen

Tripxoxo brand mobile UI

Filter Results Screen


We designed different sets of icons for Android and iOS platforms to keep them aligned with the mobile interface.

Tripxoxo website icons


UI Screens

No. of Screens:

With dynamic overlays and edge-to-edge design, the UI promised a lot more than just exploring the locations and activities. The experience was enhanced with the interaction that helped users filter their search by emotions and experiences.

Tripxoxo mobile view

Home Screen

Tripxoxo website mobile view

Products Screen

Tripxoxo brand mobile view

Results Screen

Mobile Screen Tripxoxo booking

Filter Results Screen


Tripxoxo mobile gif view


The app allows its users to filter their search based on emotional and activity filters. This ensures that the users would find just what they want without spending too much time scrolling through the list of options that are irrelevant to their needs.

The colorful UI with image overlays connects the users to the place they are looking for.

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