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What is Frontend development?

Every system requires an interface, and all interfaces are on a framework that best suit the frontend. Frontend and design go hand-in-hand when it comes to execution and experience. So, anything that holds the visual integrity of an interface is all frontend.

What is Frontend development

Why Frontend Development Is Important?

It is imperative to have frontend as its the bridge between design and execution. It can convert designers thoughts into actual products. The core structure for any medium remains consistent across, but the language would change.

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  • Make ideas possible
  • Consistent styles
  • Optimised code
  • Design Driven

Frontend development process

Planning and Framework process by Yellow Slice

Planning and framework

Based on the understanding from the discussion with the stakeholders and the development team a framework is decided.

Master Style Guide process by Yellow Slice

Master Style Guide

Taking inspiration from the designs, the developer creates a master style sheet that can be used by other developers.

Html Structure process by Yellow Slice

HTML Structure

Based on the intent HTML is built. The definition of each content comes to life.

CSS/SCSS Styling process by Yellow Slice

CSS/SCSS Styling

Styling is created using master sheets and sub styling is applied at the screen level.

JS and Validations process by Yellow Slice

JS and Validations

Forms and transitions are applied using JS which are then compressed into the project.

Testing process by Yellow Slice


At this final stage, all interactions and devices are tested. This would cover device, platform and states.

Implementation process by Yellow Slice


At this stage the code is implemented on the server for last testing and made live

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