Why UX Matters

A simple and interactive way to learn the importance of User Experience and its applications.

Find the Hidden Red Dot

    User helps us find the problem and designer solve it.

    User research helps us to understand our users and solve their problems in their journey.

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    Emotions can be created and planned.

    User Experience Design helps us plan every stage of our User Journey.

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    It's about making sense of everything

    It's about making sense of everything

    By arranging flows and feature sets in a logical manner UX is very close to storytelling.

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    Testing at an early stage and avoid crashing.

    By testing our product at an early stage, we can save money and effort.

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    User remembers experiences more than style.

    Always aim for experience at every stage of a workflow, cause they are memorable.

    Pop the purple dots.

    Choosing the right feature set help reduce time and effort.

    By focusing on the most important features we can very quickly launch and test our MVP.

    Try to reach the white dot

    Developers don't think about users.

    Developers are more code centric and less human-centric, so always plan your designs before developing them.

    Embrace the UX Keeda

    Embrace the UX Keeda

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