Buzzhawker: Making personalized humor accessible with our UI/UX Design Solutions

Making humor readily available is in demand. Read how we helped Buzzhawker design the UI & UX for their app to make their clients have a good time.



People across the globe love a good laugh. It helps to relieve their stress and keeps their minds healthy. There are many platforms that offer humorous content to the audience. However, the funny thing about humor is that it is often highly subjective to people. For people from different geographical and cultural backgrounds, jokes and their relevance is different

We got to work with one such client who served funny, humorous content to the Indian masses. A personalized entertainment platform was what they were looking for.

About Buzzhawker

Buzzhawker is an online platform for general audiences to share and consume humorous content. Humor that gives you ecstasy and ‘buzz’ is what BuzzHawkers are after. They take ‘Make in India’ seriously and promote ‘Desi’ ( Indian ) humor.

Problem Statement

Buzzhawker wanted us to create a platform where they can execute and enhance personalized Indian humor to their audiences and keep them engaged.

Designing the Process

To understand how to achieve our goal, there were a few things that we needed to know.


The first thing we needed to come up with is for ways to keep the audience engaged with the content and more. Understanding the requirement, our designers deep-dived into how we can create Buzz Hawker as a standout brand, with a mission to keep the users involved with the platforms.


The idea was to give endless desi humor to a wider range of audiences. For that, the content and execution needed to be enticing. We researched our target audience who consumes such content through different mediums such as Instagram Reels, Youtube Shorts, and similar others. Our findings led us to a few conclusions:

  • The audience likes to have a seamless flow of content as the humor is highly entertaining and addictive.
  • The audience would like to invest their free time in consuming the content. Gathering the data, we experimented with user behavior with these implementations:
    • Limiting the consumption of content to 5 a day and when the user comes back the next day, the consumption limit will increase to 6 a day and so on in continuation with consecutive days.
    • The user can become our patron and can offer donations of however amount they deem fit.
    • The amount of consumption reflects the level of the user.
Brand Colour of UI & UX Design for Buzzhawkker

User Persona



Based on our research of the product and its users, we designed the following wireframes.

Wireframes of UX & UI Design for Buzzhawkker


Once the wireframes were ready, we built a prototype that helped us define strategies, documentation, sitemaps, etc. Before that, we also had to test the navigation to ensure a smoother user flow.

Prototyping of UI & UX Design for Buzzhawkker

We led the project with a mobile-first approach as most of our client's audience would use their mobile phones to consume content. Based on the same approach, we create a responsive website and a mobile app.

On the desktop website, we added features like preview play that allowed the users to preview video content before they click on it. This helped users to choose the video they want to watch without consuming too much data.

Color and Typography

Since the brand personality was loud, funny, and entertaining, we chose to go with bright colors on a darker background giving it a modern, comfortable feel.

Fonts of UI & UX Design for Buzzhawkker


The icons were a reflection of Indian pop culture but used the line art style to give them a modern, clean look that resonated with the audiences.

Icons of UI & UX Design for Buzzhawkker

User Badges

We also incorporated badges as a part of the experience. These badges worked as a gaming element to increase user interactivity and engagement. Along with this, the reward system ensured that the users have things to look forward to.

Custom Badges of UI & UX Design for Buzzhawkker

The idea was further expanded so that as the user matures, the content suggested to them would be more personalized and aligned with their interests. Apart from that we also made changes to the UI which was darker before.

UI Screens

No. of Screens:
UI Screens Design for Buzzhawkker


The platform was a smooth content consumption platform with interactive elements that kept the audience engaged for longer. Elements like the reward system attracted users to keep coming back to the app.

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