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Croma - My Dream Home Case Study: Designing a game to promote online shopping

The case study discusses how Yellow Slice designed a UX-based game to promote online electronics shopping from the retail brand Croma.

  • Client

    Croma by TATA Enterprise

  • Task

    Product and Web Design

  • Services

    UX & UI Design


About Croma

Croma is a brand by Infiniti Retail Limited, a subsidiary of the TATA group known for its chain of retail stores for consumer electronics. With over 350 stores across the country, Croma is a popular retail store chain for purchasing branded and trusted electronic products. Later, Croma launched its own electronics brand and started selling electronic products online.

Problem Statement

Design a game with the help of UI and UX to promote the online shopping of electronics on the Croma online store.


The main objective of designing the game was to promote online shopping amongst customers purchasing electronic goods online. This game was going to be an engaging factor that will attract online shoppers and change their view on online shopping.


To help us connect with the users, we decided to run the game among a set of participants and interview them later to get their feedback on it.

Game Concept

We designed a low-fidelity paper prototype to play-test the game concept. Game rules and instructions were verbally communicated to each player before testing. We tested with 8 players, all between the ages of 21 and 35 years.

UI UX Game Concept Design for Croma

Activity Results

UI UX Game Concept Design for Croma

Initial Sketches

To start designing, we first needed the storyboard of the game and how it will proceed. With that in mind, we created the initial sketches of the storyline within the game.

Initial Sketches for UI UX Design for Croma

We planned to give the game a perception of 3D with the characters and surroundings. Hence the initial background was created to be perceived from a panoramic view. This gave depth to the background and the character's surroundings.

Planning for UI UX Design for Croma


Going with our plan, we designed the illustrations and icons for the game.


Using Croma’s familiar color palette, we came up with the following illustrations.

Illustration Style for UI UX Design for Croma


Icon Set of UI UX Design for Croma

Developing Custom SVG Links

Unlike traditional HTML 5 rectangular hyperlinks, we created custom SVG paths to define the linkable areas.

Custom SVG Links of UI UX Design for Croma

360 Panorama

We created seamless illustrations to give a panoramic experience.

panaromic experience of UI UX Design for Croma

Device Testing

After completion, we tested the game and its animations on various devices to ensure a seamless cross-device experience.

Testing Devices of UI UX Design for Croma Testing Devices of UI UX Design for Croma Testing Devices of UI UX Design for Croma


The game creates an engaging experience for the visitors allowing them to interact with the brand for longer while also gaining awareness of the products that Croma has to offer. Customers can play the game and win using any device they want: smartphone, laptop, or tablet.

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