Factura: Promoting brand aesthetics by designing a nature-inspired portal and website

We helped software brand Factura create a website and portal that reflects its brand aesthetics. Here’s how we went about it.


About Factura

Factura Softwares offers a range of business productivity solutions to manage business operations with ease. They offer management solutions for different aspects of a business right from HRMS and Finance, to Contract Management and Customer Relationship Management.

Problem Statement

Design their website and portal to match their nature-inspired brand aesthetics.


We had already worked with the brand so we were familiar with the brand’s identity. Now, we had to translate it into their website and the portal screens.


A meeting with the stakeholders made us understand the brand and what its customers may expect from it. Based on it we came up with the design strategy and wireframes.


Factura Brand Analytics


Once the wireframes were ready, we went on to create the UI elements that we will then use in creating the website and the portal. We followed the same colors and typeface as the brand.


We created minimal yet strong icons with gradient colors to give a modern yet clean look to the interface.

Icon Design of UX & UI Design for Factura


Faceless illustrations with organic-shaped ( shapes found in nature ) backgrounds were created to align with the brand’s idea.

Visual Design of UX & UI Design for Factura

UI Screens

With the elements designed, it was time to frame the UI screens. With the concept given by our client, we came up with the following screens for the website and portal.

UI Screen Design for Factura
Application with the UX & UI Design for Factura


While we used the brand color palette of Factura Softwares, we were able to create designs inspired by nature using design techniques such as the use of certain shapes & elements of nature or adding gradients to colors. Our goal to connect the brand identity with both its website and the online portal was achieved successfully.

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