Are you also new to the market, or has your product, which used to be on top, suddenly dropped in sales? and while looking for the solution, you come across methods saying either to go for a UX audit or redesign your brand website. Are you juggling between the thoughts of a UX audit and a redesign for your product or website? Then you have just landed in the correct space. This blog below will give you a detailed insight into UX auditing and designing and will help you unlock the true potential of your product with the help of a UX audit and redesign.

What is a UX Audit?

What is a UX Audit?

Have you ever wondered what a UX Audit is and why it plays a vital role? A UX- User Experience audit is an assessment of your product’s performance in terms of usability and user experience. This process examines and rates the existing user journey to reveal actionable areas and improvement areas.

Have you ever experienced a steady decline in your digital product’s performance a few years after it was first designed and launched? The most common cause is out-of-date user experience design. That usually results in a lower number of users interested in using your platform.

Statistics show that 94% of users do not trust a website that isn’t updated; even then, in comparison to that, as per the recent statistics, only 55% of businesses conduct UX testing regularly. 

When it comes to offering the best user experience to your customers, UX auditing plays a key role in identifying areas for improvement. A UX audit is a process to evaluate the effectiveness of your digital product’s UI and UX and pinpoint loopholes. which then offers suggestions for enhancing the overall user experience of any brand to promote its sales and market value.

Why is a UX Audit Necessary?

Why is a UX audit necessary?

UX Audit helps you understand if the addition of new functionality is valuable for your product and whether users will need it or not. Additionally, you will see how well users recognize the functionality and whether they run into any navigational issues with the website.

As a general rule, companies without a dedicated UX team stand to benefit most from a UX audit; those with an in-house team are most likely to evaluate the product and tweak the experience continually. Because it is challenging for in-house teams to bring in the element of absolute objectivity needed to conduct a UX audit successfully, it is advised to have one done by a specialized design agency.

There is no bad or good time for conducting a UX audit; these audits, whenever conducted, are always beneficial for organizations. While conducting audits, it is essential to take a structured approach, which is advantageous to your UX Audit. Before even starting your UX audit it is important to have a think and pen down the list of ‘To Do’.

 Let us dive deep in for the UX Audit Checklist.

UX Audit Checklist:

UX Audit Checklist

Do you understand the business goal?

It is essential to clearly define the understanding of the business goals, and setting your product success metrics, either based on previous performance or industry benchmarks, is a key step to a successful UX audit.

Have you defined the user persona?

A key step in this process is to know your audience and who your user is. Identifying your target audience is a primary step. You can commute with your users. You can step into their shoes and find the best design solutions that fit their needs.

Have you gathered any available product data and analytics?

When it comes to products that have been on the market for a while, it is essential to gather data from any available sources, including UX analytics tools or session recording tools. This way, you can get data for those instances where the product underperforms. For example, using such data, you can notice where in the user journey people are dropping out or identify a particular point in time where the conversation rate started to decrease.

Have you reviewed the results of the previous UX audit?

A good place to start with your UX audit is by checking previous UX audit reports that might have been conducted. These will give you great insights on what types of issues were identified in the past and how your predecessors tried to solve them.

Have you understood the audit deadlines, deliverables, and constraints?

An auditor must understand the resources and the budget while conducting any audit and should also be aware of the deadlines and deliverables. This information is very essential, as it helps the auditor review and meet the desired expectations on time.

Benefits of UX Audit:

Benefits of UX Audit

The benefits of UX Audit include the below-mentioned data 

  1. You’ll redesign your product based on solid data, not guessing.
  2. You’ll move in the right direction and gain new product perspective
  3. You’ll compare your product with competitive solutions
  4. You’ll learn how your users behave and get to know them better
  5. You’ll save money on development
  6. You’ll increase your profits

What is a UX Website Audit?

What is a UX Website Audit?

A User Experience Website Audit is an in-depth, data-driven assessment of the experience of your app or website that is provided to users. It helps you evaluate your product methodically, identify the things that are working for you, and grade those that are so a company can find out a new way to improve it, make it more user-friendly, and land well in the market.

What is a Competitive UX Audit?

What is a competitive UX Audit?

A competitive UX analysis can help you discover what user experiences are standard in your market. It also allows you to track the competition for your brand in the market and get actionable insights for improving conversions. It allows innovation within your own website’s user experience. What you’re doing right and what to avoid in your UX design to promote sales of your product.


A website redesign is a high-level overhaul that involves significantly changing elements like the code, content, structure, and visuals of your current website to better serve your visitors. It is the process of planning, conceptualizing, and implementing the plans for your website that offers a great user experience.

A great website redesign tends to boost revenue, lower bounce rates, and improve the user experience (UX. It is almost like creating a similar website or app as the old one but with a better user experience and bringing in all the changes that were not working in the favour of the brand.

Benefits of Redesign:

5 benefits of website redesign include:

  1. Improve your Brand Perception.
  2. Enhance the User Experience.
  3. Increase Conversions and Sales.
  4. Boost Performance and SEO.
  5. Upgrade Internal Functionality.

Redesign VS UX Audit: what to start with?

A Final Remark

Not everyone needs UX site audits.

Wait, what? What was the entire article about, then?

A UX audit will not help every business achieve its desired goals. For some, an audit alone will be sufficient; for others, a redesign is the only course of action. So how do you know which service to go for—UI/ UX Audit Service or website redesign service?

The answer is simple: ask an expert at They will examine your website, compile a list of suggestions, and advise you on the service that will best meet your needs and provide the best result. They will examine your website, compile a list of suggestions, and advise you on the service that will best meet your needs and provide the best results.

Would you want your website reviewed by a professional UX designer to increase sales? Our experts would be happy to examine your software product and determine whether a UX audit or redesign would be most beneficial to you.

Contact Yellow Slice to explore more. Explore the link to learn more, and contact us at

TIP: Follow-up is the key to a successful product.

FAQ about UX Audit Vs Redesign

 How long does UX Audit take?

The duration of the UX audit depends a lot on the complexity and size of the product. As in this, we plan out the timeline and also create the user persona. Our audits typically range from 2 to 4 weeks for small start-ups to several months for large enterprise platforms. As in these audits, we understand the target audience and work to promote the company’s brand value.

What is your timeline for redesigning a website?

Generally, for a website redesign project, it takes anywhere from a few weeks to several months. Depending on various factors such as project complexity, requirements, scope, and availability of resources, the period may vary. In the process of designing, the most essential step is to create mockups for websites and also plan in such a way that the final layout creates a great visual impression on users.

Will you completely rework my web design or just improvise on what’s already there?

Redesigning a website is like renovating your present home. Depending on the specifications of the website, the agency handles updating or redesigning. We take care of UI/UX elements, layout, navigation, content, and the overall visual impression and feel of your website. So, communicate with Yellow Slice about your requirements and the changes that you are looking for in your websites. Our highly trained professionals will then have a deep review of your web page and will guide you through the process, whether a holistic re-work of the entire site or just minor improvements will work for the brand to get the aimed results.

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