Illustrations have the unique potential to add emotion, clarity, and beauty to user interface.

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What Is Illustration Design?

Visual data is often considered to be more impactful than plain text.

Illustrations are a version of infographics that depend on just the graphics to a large extent. Often used by businesses, this is a great way to make an impact on the users by building a sense of familiarity.

Illustration Design by Yellow Slice

Why Illustrations are important in the project

Illustrations when used in designing UI simplify a complex idea and aid communication. They even have a unique ability to add emotions and aesthetic value that captivate user attention. This helps us enhance the quality of the user interface.

  • Captivates user
  • Complex idea
  • Enhance UX
  • Important info

We design illustrations that are

Pixel Perfect Process by Yellow Slice

Pixel Perfect

For a well-designed UI, every pixel matters. We build from Pixel to Artwork and create pixel-perfect illustrations.

Meaningful & Recognizable by Yellow Slice

Meaningful & Recognizable

We ensure that illustrations deliver a strong visual language and are relatable to the viewers.

Clarifying & Attractive by Yellow Slice

Clarifying & Attractive

The illustrations we make help in more clearer communication and be appealing to the user.

Trend-Setting Process by Yellow Slice


Illustrations that have a fresh approach tend to work better at impressing users.

Brand Driven Process by Yellow Slice

Brand Driven

We create illustrations that are in sync with the brand design and its story.

Visual Hierarchy Process by Yellow Slice

Support Visual Hierarchy

A good variation of colours and style helps us create a visual hierarchy.

Supports the interface Process by Yellow Slice

Supports the interface

Finally, the illustrations are made and tested on the interface.

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