Icons: Add character and speak beyond words and languages.

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What is Icon design?

Icons are very important in UI/ UX designing.

These are a set of dainty graphics that express essential characteristics. A good icon design is a result of efficient interplay between structure, character and identity.

What is Icon design

Why we need icons

Icons speak a million words at a glance while usually communicating a CTA. Since icons are 100% graphical, they are great for visual communication without any language barriers.

Moreover, as the world moves to smaller screens, icons help us communicate a lot in no words. This helps us add efficient touchpoints without compromising the overall user experience.

  • Find what your looking
  • Language barrier
  • Quick decisions
  • Unite world

Icon design process

Sketch Concept Process by Yellow Slice

Sketch concept

We start with a blank piece of paper and express all ideas.

Identity Logic Process by Yellow Slice

Identity logic

We comprehend our TG and shortlist the ones closest to our goals.

Style & Grid Process by Yellow Slice

Define Style & Grid

A visual language is created and we rest them on various grids.

Render Icons Process by Yellow Slice

Render Icons

Finally, we create all the icons on the grid and design and repeat.

Test Them Process by Yellow Slice

Test them

The icons developed are now tested by applying them to the UI to make final changes and share with the development team.

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