Context of use analysis involves sourcing and analysis of data of the users and their intentions with the data. It requires a detailed analysis of the user behavior, their intentions and their environmental constraints. Understanding the conditions of the user will enable you to tailor your website accordingly for maximum engagement and traffic. It gives you a better insight as to how to modify the products according to the demand and the reason for their creation. It allows you to tap the potential market for your product through your website or products. 

Context of Use Analysis 

Context of use analysis gives you a better overview of the current market and the competitors. Researching the market in detail and the context of the use of products gives leverage over the competitors. Also, it allows a wider arena of opportunities for a product. The better the understanding of the user mindset and the requirements, the more it is easier to crack the market. Information about the context of use is collected when the product or website is launched, and later, based on the user data, modifications are made. 


  1. What are the methods followed for the context of use analysis?

 The selection of the right method is very crucial for the success of the context-of-use analysis. 

  • Field observation: It is crucial to study the tasks, environment and other external factors that may alter the product user base. Users are questioned in their real-life work environment, thus providing real-time data.
  • Interview: To gain a deeper perception, it is critical to conduct qualitative interviews with the users.

2. How can we use the context of use analysis efficiently?

  • Identifying the requirements of the users.
  • Reviewing the already existing set of data

3. What are the key features of context use of analysis?

Having a reliable project manager and a user representative plays a key role in facilitating the analysis.