A Customer Journey Map is a tool that ensures enhanced customer satisfaction and depicts a visual of the journey that they might have with a business/ website. A customer journey map defines the steps that a user takes in order to reach a particular goal with a business/ website. This map represents the relationship of a user with a website based on the touchpoints. It not only accounts for the touchpoint switch on a website but also the user interaction with each and every single product. 

Customer Journey Map

The customer journey map also portrays how a user must have felt while interacting with the website. These journey maps highly focus on the service and support that the user requires or may have had a query about. You may broaden the scope of customer understanding and improve their daily experience. These maps help the companies face the ground reality of their user interface as they compare the services that they provide versus the services that the users actually like.


  1. When should we create a customer journey map?

The database of the customer journey map, once created, must be regularly updated and referenced as the audience involvement increases. Once your website starts getting user engagement, it is high time to establish this map.

  1. What are the components of the customer journey map?

The major components consisting of these maps are the determination of the stages of user involvement, being aware of the customer situation, and aligning the touchpoints.

  1. What are parts of a journey map?

Journey maps tend to have similar formats throughout the websites. At the top are the user expectations, in the middle are the user actions, and ultimately, at the bottom are the user emotions.