The ideal Mobile App Audit is an art and a science. The design of your mobile app could make or break its fate. Although style can’t beat substance for sure, it’s a definite deal-breaker among app users. To make any app a success, it’s inside as well as its outside needs to be appealing. And here are a few aspects you need to concentrate on when you audit an application’s UI.

Check the Simplicity and Intuitiveness

“Always keep it simple when developing the UI”, you must have learned it a million times over.

Users should be able to use the app on their smartphone devices based on their previous experiences and their intuition. For example, a user would expect the homepage after they log-in.

The other element of simplicity is language and word use within the text. The simpler the interface is, the easier it is to keep the viewers focused on the screen. This is why you should prefer design elements that incorporate in easy and simpler ways.

Test the Responsiveness

Finger friendly design is a must-have for mobile apps. An app must run perfectly across various devices and screen sizes.

Stretchable graphics are the best choice for developing smartphone applications. Try not to reinvent the wheel, and build unknown screen controls for the elements of an app. Take tips on how the apps should look. Adhere to specified UI guidelines for mobile apps. Buttons, menus, widgets, and any mobile feature are set to standard. Once they are released online, all applications are scrutinized by play stores for those guidelines.

Align the Design with Brand Design

The application is a reflection of the actual brand, continuity between the two needs to remain.

The basic tone, mood, connotation, and design of a product or brand can be set by color. This is especially visibly practiced by brands like McDonald’s or Domino’s.

Taking into consideration that the MacDonald logo is a red and yellow color. Thus, the overall theme for the mobile application will be the same. Anything else like white or blue won’t feel familiar. In its essence, the product application design will be identical to the actual brand design.

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Evaluate the Colour Schemes

There’s no way around it: Color is the innovative factor with the maximum impact in visual design.

Colour can literally make your product, or break it. It can bring it up from good to great. A bad combination of colours will distract from the overall experience for your users. Less is better with colour. When used in combination with less saturated colours, a heavily saturated colour is vibrant. Evite the low contrast of text against the background. Eliminate complementary colours for text and the background, particularly if the colours are of similar brightness as well as saturation. For instance, a yellow sentence on a purple background might be too harsh.

colour schemes for the Perfect App UI
While developing the user interface, preferably one should start preparing the journey of the user on the mobile device.

Verify the Information Architecture

Eventually, while developing the user interface, preferably one should start preparing the journey of the user on the mobile device. Build wire-frames describing the path. It will help us understand whether there are too many or fewer elements for the page than required.

Later, test the navigation feature of the conversion and usability of the interface from the user perspective. An interface can be assumed to work well if the links and tabs, using the thumb and finger, are clickable and accessible from all corners of the app screen.

It’s a tough job to develop a mobile app with a great UI. It needs years of experience and a thorough understanding of the psychology of users. But, checking and auditing our own work, does make things better. Thus, keep iterating and testing to get the perfect UI UX design for mobile apps.

FAQs For Mobile App Audit

How can I improve my UI UX on my Mobile App?

To improve your UI UX on my mobile app, you need to Check the simplicity and intuitiveness, Test the responsiveness, Align the design with brand design, Evaluate the color schemes, and also verify the information architecture.

What is Mobile App UI Design?

Mobile app UI design is interaction made through touch-sensitive response, that is easy to use and graphical.

How do I do a UI Audit?

In order to conduct a UI audit, do the following things! check the simplicity and intuitiveness, test the responsiveness, align the design with the brand design, evaluate the color schemes, and verify the information architecture.

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