The initial recommendation whenever you step into any market you listen to is that if you want to grow in the market, always focus on UX research, but you might think, What is UX research? And if everyone is recommending it, how will it be fruitful for the growth of my company? If you are also the one who is new to the market or are searching for the answer to the same question, then you are just in the right spot to find all the answers to your questions. UX stands for user experience in layman’s language. It is to research the requirements that the customer has for any product. The term “user experience” refers to the type of experience that customers have when they use your product or website to describe how simple and easy it is to use. 

Nowadays, when everything around us is growing, so is the market competition. As a result, everyone wants to lead another organization to the top. To accomplish this, they must conduct studies in which they must comprehend the market and customer demand, and to attain that, both big and small organizations must maintain the practice of studying user interaction to design their products according to the consumer experience. To study this, you may collect data and then study it as per the company’s needs and requirements.

When it comes to understanding your user, you might wonder what approach to research you should follow, whether you consider qualitative data for research or quantitative data. While quantitative information will undoubtedly provide feedback from a wide range of users, it may not allow you to gain a deeper understanding of customer needs. Qualitative data will provide you with the necessary information to move forward with your research, but it may leave out a significant portion of the population. 

Is the Guerrilla Usability Test Worth it? A Quick Insight for Agile UX Research

As a solution to this and to find the accurate results of the study being carried out, there is one great technique that you can opt for to increase your UX research. The best test you, as a business, can take to promote your brand value is the guerrilla usability test. Most people believe that when it comes to user research, we need to invest more to get the result; however, this is sometimes not the case.  As per a Google static survey, 85% of core usability problems can be solved simply by observing a few people.

Conducting usability testing is possible in two different ways: unmoderated and moderated. For a better and more accurate result of user interaction, one must choose the moderated way to achieve the desired outcome. Here, we will discuss a type of moderated test, which is a guerrilla usability test. I would like to give you a quick guide on how the guerrilla usability test works, why it is the most convenient method for any business, and how it is not only budget-friendly but also a quick way to identify trends and user behavior.

UX Research Process

UX research process

In the process of this usability test, pupils must learn to conduct the test and perform a series of tasks to check the usability of any software or product. Fewer people are involved in this instance; between 6 and 15 new people who have never used the computer software for the new program are involved. We chose a lower participant count. After all, it facilitates assessment and observation because fewer people mean that researchers have more time to complete the tasks. Sessions of guerilla usability research are typically 15 to 20 minutes in length.

Furthermore, these tests are typically easier to conduct and require less maintenance because fewer testers are involved. The task includes assigning multiple task sets to the participants in succession, and the researcher’s job is to closely monitor and record any issues that arise during the test. 

As defined above, you will also not require a lot of equipment to get started—just a computer to run the test, a moderator, and somebody to take notes and observe. Nonetheless, one cannot administer the test on their own; companies need the expert to do so and take out accurate findings.

UX Research Method

UX Research Method

As explained above, a guerrilla test can be a perfect way to get feedback from users on any project.

The most important thing right now is how to begin using guerilla usability testing. There are a few points to remember while doing the test.

1 Before you start with it, always initially make your UX research plans, like what are the requirements of your products and what are the key areas where you are looking for any change or update.

2. The next step is to be goal-specific. Goals ought to be unambiguous at all times. Consider the product or your research, the area you are looking for testimonials for, where you want user feedback, and so on.

3. Always make a list of the analytics chart and then draw a list of tasks you would like your user to follow. As pictorial representation makes it easier for users to understand.

4. After the planning is complete, put everything together and make sure it is easy for the participants to read and comprehend.

5. Do not forget to make your test simple enough for the user to complete it fast.

6. Since the location could have an immediate effect on the test’s results, consider it carefully as well.

7. Determine which individuals are suitable for the test, as they will only have the ability to give the relevant feedback. Always consider the product type and its usability before selecting the participants.

Now, for all these to be conducted in the right manner and to get a result that is precise and beneficial for the growth of the organization, we need experienced people to conduct the test. Highly trained professionals are required because even the smallest physical reaction from the participant must be observed and managed in order to obtain an accurate result. All the significant findings and the areas where the user is encountering difficulties can be carefully reviewed and documented by a subject-matter expert in the field. 

Guerrilla testing undoubtedly aids in the growth and expansion of businesses of all sizes, but the main issue with usability testing is that some companies choose to carry it out after the complete system has been assembled. After that, they organize the test to gather feedback from users before releasing it to the public. But at that stage, getting accurate and dependable results is unattainable. Even if a change is advised, it becomes expensive and time-consuming for developers to implement it at the final stage. Thus, to create a high-quality product, we must prioritize testing from the outset and start small.

Early testing not only helps to identify changes but also validates that the product we are designing is as per the user requirements. Moreover, any changes introduced following modest progress are relatively inexpensive for the company as they conserve their time and resources.

As this is a simple and flexible test, you can incorporate it into any stage of your production process, and as recommended, that should be from the initial phase only to get the best result.


Growing along with user demands is imperative for any company that wants to succeed in the modern business world. A guerrilla usability test can be a quick and effective way to find out the concerns that the users are facing, and it can also be a quick and effective way to know more about the user’s insight.

Always remember that usability testing is crucial no matter how big or small the product is, as it will help you get feedback and user insight, and for your company, even the smallest amount of consumer input can change the market for your product.

FAQs about Guerrilla Usability Test

What is moderated testing?

Nowadays, marketing is all about being customer-centric in approach, and to study customers, we need to conduct the usability test of our products. The usability testing is of two types: moderated and unmoderated. To get an accurate and trusted result, the most trusted method is the moderated testing method, in which a person is there to facilitate the test and work as a moderator. The test conductor directly works with the participants and also guides them through if they face any issues during the procedure. In the end, the study moderator gives the results and highlights the points where the user faces difficulty.

What is guerrilla research?

 If you are facing any pushback in regards to cost and the budget of testing, then you can definitely opt for guerrilla research. In the guerrilla research method, minor modifications are made to reduce time and cost. It is conducted in public places and does not require any rigorous recruitment but needs proper planning. However, we should not try this test because the results will not be very accurate, and we might lose some accuracy while doing it. Nonetheless, a fantastic outcome is possible when both are in balance.

What is a guerrilla UX?

Guerrilla UX, which stands for user experience, is a rapid and low-cost way to test a company’s websites and products by asking users for feedback. To further clarify, this test aims to collect user feedback by releasing the product into the public domain. It resembles asking random people in the street what they think about the quality of amenities and service at a newly opened coffee shop in the town. Not only is it affordable, but it is also easy to modify in response to feedback.

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