If you have been assigned the task of creating a UX design for a mobile app interface or need to offer a promising UX design workflow to enhance a web design, industry professionals deem it extremely important that you hone the following skills –

Curating Visual Design Using Design Software

Curating Visual Design Using Design Software

If you want to make it in the world as a promising UI Designer or a UX Designer, then one of your priorities should be to conveniently use Figma or learn Adobe XD efficiently.

While having previous skills in such software will be valued by most employers, it will prove to be instrumental in your success if you are thorough with the latest version of Figma, or that of user experience design essentials Adobe XD UI UX Design!

In addition to learning UI UX design software, it will come in handy to have in-depth knowledge of best practices in visual design such as color, font, icons, layout, and more.

Creating Prototypes, Mockups, WireFrame, and User Flow

Creating Prototypes, Mockups, Wireframe, and User Flow ux design essentials

Let us start by defining them all in brief.

A wireframe is nothing but the skeleton of a webpage that helps visualize the design so that the different elements can be placed strategically. It is often complemented by a user flow, which maps out the series of steps a user may need to take while using the interface.

On the other hand, a prototype is a simulation of the final web design or a mobile app interface that helps test the same with the intended users to get feedback, while a mock-up is the most realistic version of the web design complete with its overall appearance and functionality.

As a UI Designer, it is crucial that you are well aware of each of these elements and hone your skills in creating excellent wireframes through a sophisticated prototyping app such as Figma. If you wish, you can also use other software such as InVision or Sketch for practicing and perfecting this much-needed skill.

If you are just starting out in this field, however, you can first practice using the conventional pen and paper method, and then move forth to free software like Origami Studio or simply use any existing UI design kits to help better your skills.

User Testing

user testing ux design essentials

Whether you are out to create a fresh website or to design websites for an improved user experience, then simply knowing the ins and outs of a fantastic design tool may not suffice. You will also need to have a better understanding of the user, their needs and wants from a web design, the problems they may be currently facing, and more importantly, the design elements that can help make their experience more than just satisfactory and truly delightful.

All of this can be done via one tool – User Testing.

It is nothing but allowing the intended users to use functional mockups of an app or website designed by your team to analyze and validate your design choices. Of course, in order to do so, you must understand the various aspects of usability testing as well as the various elements of design that go into the making of a successful prototype.

And if you are truly good at this skill, who knows, you may land a gig as a UX researcher – a coveted position that most design companies are looking to fill!

Know-How of the Agile Methodology

If you haven’t heard of it still, the Agile Methodology in project management is all about the best practices that help a UX design company work in tandem with their clients in a more cordial, and productive manner.

Agile Methodology can be summed up through its core principles which are –

  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

As a UX designer, you may not be expected to know every little detail about this methodology, but having a brief idea of the same can surely help you create a lasting impression!

Making The Most of Information Architecture

Information architecture, also known as IA, involves the organization and structuring of the content on web pages and mobile phone apps. A streamlined IA enhances the overall user experience and ensures that the user has a seamless user interface experience.

While not on the top of the list for a UX designer, it will also prove to be of benefit if you invest some time and learn professional workflow tricks such as this one.

Having Fundamental Soft Skills

In addition to the aforementioned skills, a UX designer should have a set of soft skills that can help them better tackle real-world projects. These include –


Visual Communication

User Empathy

Oral and Written Communication Skills

Time Management Skils

The Yellow Slice Take

We hope that you now have a fair understanding of the essential skills that UX professionals must master in order to make their mark, right from the time they receive their first UX brief! So, wait no more before you start acquiring and mastering these skills one by one. While it may seem overwhelming at first, once you start each of these skills will give you an unparalleled level of confidence! And if you’re considering a career in designing, don’t hesitate to explore opportunities with a reputable UI UX design agency.

Frequently Asked Questions About Skills Required by UX Designers

Do UX designers need coding skills?

No, a UX designer does not need to have coding skills. That said if they do they can ensure that they always stay ahead of the competition.

What could be the first step towards learning UX design?

Honing skills such as user experience design essentials Figma UX UI design can prove to be instrumental in helping you join the league of industry professionals. These skills can help you design your own portfolio, which can act as a stepping stone for you.

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