UX Research is the process of understanding user behaviours, needs, and attitudes by using observation and feedback methods.

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What is UX research?

UX research is the heart of a customer-centric product. The objective of user research is to help us comprehend how the users intend to use the product or what are their expectations from it.

As a part of UX research, our UX researchers will:

  • Observe and communicate with the users as to how they feel.
  • Understand the user’s mental model: What do they expect and What do they want?
  • Analyse the gathered insights and identify patterns and trends.
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Importance of UX research

UX research helps bridge the gap between user expectations and business deliverables.

It helps us understand how and when the product will be used and the problems it will solve. This makes the product more user-centric and in turn, reap business benefits. Its unbiased user feedback nourishes the communication gap between the user and the company.

  • Product-focused
  • Business centered
  • User-driven
  • Easy collaboration

How Do We Conduct UX Research?

UX Research Process

UX Research Objective | Yellow Slice

UX Research Objective

We interact with the client to understand the need and objective of the ux research. We also understand the current shortcomings.

Pre-research UX Documentation | Yellow Slice

Pre-research UX Documentation

We develop a research plan and circulate it within the team. This adds direction to the entire project.

Conducting UX research | Yellow Slice

Conducting UX research

We conduct qualitative and/ or quantitative ux research based on the specific requirements by implementing developed methodologies.

data gathering ux research process

Data Gathering

The data gathered during research is rearranged and organised and made fit for ux analysis.

Data Analysis/Affinity Mapping | Yellow Slice

Data Analysis/Affinity Mapping

The data collected is analysed and possible patterns are identified. These patterns form the crux of the research.

UX Research report process

UX Research Report

The findings and suggestions from the research are documented and shared with the project stakeholders.

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