Understanding the Importance of Accessibility in UI/UX Design

Accessibility is a word that is frequently used around in the design field. Do you wonder why is it so important? Accessibility in simple terms can be said like, creating digital experiences that are comfortable for users to satisfy their needs, including the design, for people with disabilities. It is said to be a legal and ethical requirement. Besides being the most ethical and inclusive choice, accessibility in business can also benefit your organization in many ways.

In this article, we will decode the importance of accessibility and its role in UI/UX design. Let’s get started. Always count on the Yellow Slice articles to learn more.

How Accessible Designs Can Boost Business ROI

How Accessible Designs Can Boost Business ROI

When it comes to UX design, one aspect that cannot be overlooked is accessibility. Business accessibility is a basic requirement in any design. It benefits businesses in many ways such as Better user experience, Reaching wider audience, Overcoming legal compliances, enhanced brand image, Improved SEO.

The Business Case for Accessible UI/UX Designs

The Business Case for Accessible UI/UX Designs

Accessibility as a Key Factor in User Experience

According to the World Health organization, approximately 15% of the world’s population or  1 billion people live with some form of visual impairment. So by designing digital experiences that are accessible to all users, we can make our business into a massive and overlooked market. 

When accessibility is set as a key factor in User Experience it gives clear navigation to users, improves the usability of a website or product, and intuitive design. They also contribute to overall engagement of users with products and services.  

Impact of Accessibility on User Engagement and Retention

The key benefits or impacts of accessibility on user experience is:

  •  Increased user engagement

One of the key benefits of accessible design is increased user engagement. When a website or design is built with accessibility in mind, it sets a path for eased user navigation, which eventually leads to increased user engagement. In addition to it, accessible design benefits non-disabled users with its simplicity and clarity in designs.

  • Improved user retention

In addition to increased user engagement, accessibility in UX design also leads to improved user retention. It is likely said that when users are comfortable with the accessibility of your website they return to your website and use it again and again in future. Easy navigation helps users  in many ways like completing their tasks easily with end to end navigation. This brings the user back to your design or product services.

  • Increased revenue

The final impact of accessibility on user experience is increased revenue for businesses. When you design your product or website with accessibility in mind it reaches out to a wide audience including the users with disabilities  with an enhanced brand image. 

Improving Accessibility in UX Design

Improving Accessibility in UX Design

Designing for All Users: The Principles of Inclusive Design

Let’s learn how designing for equity and accessibility in UX design benefits can earn users.

Inclusive design is a win-win for both businesses and customers. It helps in expanding the product reach to visitors by sparking the innovations. The principles to be remembered are Look for exclusion points, Identify and rectify the situational challenges, find solutions for everyone, offering unique ways of engagement, providing equivalent experiences, identifying personal biases. These practices of inclusive designs help in evolving the designs for all users.

Identifying Accessibility Barriers and Challenges

Implementing Best Practices for Accessible Design

Accessibility barriers are common factors found everywhere whether it’s a physical or virtual environment. Due to lack of information, many people have no idea about the challenges that people with disabilities face in day to day life to adapt to the systems. The common challenges and barriers faced are:

  1. Functional Barriers
  2. Architectural or Design Barriers
  3. Communication Barriers

The best possible way to overcome barriers is by seeking information and communication. Talking to people with disabilities and studying the subjects in depth.

Boosting Business ROI through Accessible UI/UX Designs

Boosting Business ROI through Accessible UI/UX Designs

Increasing Reach and Market Penetration

Market penetration is said to be how well your product or design reaches the market place and expands your business. It’s important to know your brand’s market penetration, which helps you to build your growth. Initially find the size of the market, which helps you figure out the “Total addressable Market”

Few proven strategies that help to increase the market penetration are said to be:

  1. Making your product more appealing for a wide audience.
  2. Increasing customer usage and churn rates
  3. Try adding new features on regular basis 
  4. Creating a partnership with trusted brands
  5. Simplifying customer journey by eliminating the barriers
  6. Implementing loyalty programs

Improving Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

In any business it is  important to satisfy the customer needs to build trust and loyalty. Don’t forget to focus on the below given factors to satisfy your customers and create great profits at lower risk.

  • Customer satisfaction matters
  • Understand the expectations of customers
  • Provide better quality performance
  • Set standards and values to your products than price
  • Consider customer feedbacks
  • Build trust and loyalty
  • Fix company – customers gaps
  • Satisfied customers drive financial success.

Example: Accessibility Success Stories from Leading Brands

How Company NHS Improved ROI by Implementing principles for Access Design solutions.

We always have a discussion about how accessibility in UX design leads to enough ROI. These below stated case studies give a clear picture actually how accessibility in UX design can boost ROI and win the discussion.

These accessibility techniques help increase the search optimization and traffic of your page:

  1. A logical heading structure.
  2. Using descriptive alt-text for images.
  3. Writing descriptive link test
  4. Adding caption to videos
  5. Clear written content
  6. Simple Interface

Tip: Pages with AAA accessibility ratings have higher probability of increase in traffic and ROI with the increased count of users.

To know more about the case study, click here: How accessibility boosts businesses.

The Impact of Accessible UI/UX Designs on E-commerce Conversion Rates

Conversion Rates are the metrics to calculate the success of an E-commerce business. They help to represent the number of users who completed the desired action such as successfully signing up or purchasing the product.

  • Carefully consider the design layout or Product page layout
  • Consider mixing the light and dark bouquet

Investing in an e-commerce UX is an investment for success and growth of an online business. By building seamless and intuitive designs businesses can build trust, increase conversions, and create a strong brand presence in the marketplace.

5 Tips for Implementing Accessible UI/UX Designs

We will explore essential 5 tips and techniques for implementing accessibility in UX Designs:

  1. Allow colors in contrast for distinction
  2. Focus on Visual Hierarchy
  3. Utilize interactive UI elements for significance
  4. Allow users to resize your screen
  5. Pay attention to web accessibility design and testing 


Encouragement to Prioritize Accessibility for Long-Term Business Success.

We can conclude by saying that prioritizing accessibility in UI designs is a strategic business decision for long term implications. As technology evolves and user expectations change it is essential to remain agile and resilient in the phase of change.  So you as a business owner aiming to enhance accessibility, and recognizing the importance of accessibility can be challenging. It is crucial to address various aspects in designs or products, when seeking to expand accessibility in your business. Our team of experts from Yellow Slice is making it easy for you. To understand the accessibility needs better and implement a reliable system to serve your customers more effectively.

FAQs about how accessible designs solutions to increase Business ROI in UI/UX

What is the importance of accessibility in UI UX design?

Remember to create a product or design with accessibility for a desired output. It helps users with smooth navigation for better user experience. It fulfills the user needs and makes it more user friendly. It comes with a well structured design, continuous navigation and intuitive interface, with all these factors the product becomes more effective. For further guidance contact our team of experts – Yellow Slice.

What is ROI in UX design?

ROI in UX design refers to the Return on Investment. It acts as a metric to identify the probability and effectiveness of investing in your product or design’s user experience. It gives you the outline of the investment in your design and how effective your investments work. You can check its effectiveness by a couple of factors like  Increased revenue, Improved user satisfaction, cost savings, productivity gains.

How important is UI UX design for business success?

UI UX design plays an important role in any business to shape the product or design for its success. Effective UI UX design helps in enhancing the user engagement and satisfaction of users which eventually leads to revenue increase. A well designed user interface makes the navigation easier for users making it their preferences. For more detailed information to read – How UX design increase Business Growth and Profitability

What are the business benefits of UI UX?

In today’s digital world UI UX design is a critical factor in enhancing the business and user experience with the interface. Investing in UI UX can increase the revenue of your business with its smooth interface and design for its efficient workflow. A well designed user interface can increase user engagement, competitive advantage, cost savings and improvement in conversion rate.

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