UI & UX Design for Neev


Client Brief

Neev is a venture started by Vibhuti Kabra. Using her understanding of Banarasi design and culture, she wants to explore & showcase her unique collection. Solely active on Facebook and Instagram NEEV needed a responsive e-commerce website to make purchasing easier and streamlined for the user.


Understanding the requirement and showcase the unique collection. We focused to show Seamless purchase journey through designs.

To Make product easily accessible to the users. We started creating Full inclusive task flows for the project.



Brand Values

Since a large part of the current users were used to purchasing by directly getting in touch or through WhatsApp, it was a challenge to give the user the same personalized experience and choices. The team worked on curating seamless task flows, and user journeys. All the products were consciously and strategically grouped allowing the users to make an informed decision without needing much assistance.



To reflect the versatility and royalness of the products, we have used lifestyle imagery that focuses on the fabric and designs. We have used simple typography, earthy colors and small motifs throughout the interafce complimenting the brand esthetics and values. Responsive website.