Neev Case study: Streamlining Purchase Flow for E-Commerce Brand with UX/UI Solutions

Read how our UI/UX design solutions helped the designer clothing brand Neev to streamline its purchase flow to increase conversion rates.


Project Duration:

India’s e-commerce market is flourishing with giants like Flipkart and Amazon. However, when it comes to brands that want to connect with the people whose persona matches their brand values, they want to offer their buyers a direct purchase experience. This is especially true with clothing brands that have a niche market of loyal customers.

With websites designed to reflect their products and the lifestyle they promote, these brands know exactly who their prospective customers are and their e-commerce websites reflect that clearly. One such brand is Neev by Vibhuti Kabra. They approached us to create an e-commerce website for their customers to easily view and purchase their products online.

About Neev

Indian textiles are gaining more popularity as local artisans gain exposure to the world. India’s designers and entrepreneurs have played a massive role in bringing traditional textiles and clothing art to the forefront.

Neev is a brand by designer and founder Vibhuti Kabra. The brand focuses on creating ethnic clothing with a modern twist while using Banarasi silk textiles. Neev wishes to bring more light to the culturally-rich Banarasi sarees, weaving art, and the fabric that crafts her beautiful designs.

Problem Statement

Neev as a brand already had a good presence on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Now, they wanted to expand their online presence via a responsive e-commerce website to make purchasing easier and streamlined for the user.

With that brief, they approached Yellow Slice to help them with the UI and UX design of their website.

Designing the Solution

To be able to design a purchase flow, we had to know the collection and how it needed to be presented on the website.


We started with a product presentation, the first point where the purchase flow will begin. To make products easily accessible to the users, we started creating inclusive task flows for the project.

Soak for UX & UI Design for Neev


One of our biggest challenges was to give their existing customers the experience they are familiar with. Since a large part of the current users were used to purchasing by directly getting in touch or through WhatsApp, it was a challenge to give the user the same personalized experience and choices.

The team worked on curating seamless task flows, and user journeys. All the products were consciously and strategically categorized to make navigation easier. This allowed the users to make an informed decision without needing much assistance.


Wire Frames for UX & UI Design for Neev


Once we had our wireframes in place, we focused on designing the website so it reflects the brand’s personality and its chic, ethnic product range.

Colors & Typography

In line with the brand values, we used colors that reflect the Banarasi textile. Along with that, small motifs were used throughout the interface to match the brand aesthetics. For the typography, we wanted a clean yet elegant style which led us to choose the sans serif font family - Mulish.

Execute the Style Guide of UX & UI Design for Neev

No. of Screens:

UI Screens for UX & UI Design for Neev


The products on the e-commerce website were clearly categorized to allow visitors to easily find the product category they are interested in. A search button was added to further simplify finding the exact product users are looking for. The three-step purchase flow ensured that the buyer gets to checkout without long procedures.

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