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What is brand design?

Brand identity is the visible elements of a brand, including colour, design, and a brand's logo. It is the manner in which a corporation, company, or business presents itself to the public and distinguishes itself in the mind of consumers.

Brand Design is more than just a Logo. It is your image etched in your audience’s mind. Your imprint is all about the stories you tell and the services you provide. This is what helps you stand out or simply blend in.

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A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another. - Seth Godin

Branding & UX design

Branding adds a sense of familiarity and belongingness. Brand Experience and User Experience can together help to engage and delight customers. Product experiences also help create a certain brand perception. Brand design services take a holistic approach towards ensuring how your product and brand are perceived among your target market.

The UI designer will synergise the colour palette, shapes, types and fonts, icons and illustration, with the general branding concept of the company. This naturally flowing harmony across the brand’s various touchpoints is integral in the process of building a brand.

  • Create a consistent visual language
  • Gives the right message
  • Positions your brand
  • Speaks to the right audiences

Brand Design Deliverables in Different Phases

brand understanding & designing research by Yellow Slice

Brand Understanding & Research

It is imperative that we understand a brand before we tell its story. We start with the what, why, how and who to build a strong approach.

brand design strategy

Defining Brand Design Strategy

We implement the gathered input and draft a healthy strategy that can drive the brand towards the desired output.

brand positioning by Yellow Slice

Brand Positioning

We consider your story and strategy to build a brand that can be positioned correctly with respect to your competitors, market and consumers.

brand designing essence

Brand Essence

We build the tone of voice, colours, typography and photography as they are what contribute to the brand essence.

brand explorations by Yellow Slice

Brand Explorations

We take the elements and dive deeper into their forms and add variations of thoughts to develop quality designs. Each option is equally weighed and shortlisted for final presentation.

brand design final deliveries

Final Deliveries

On approval of the final brand design, all assets and guidelines are defined and shared with the client.

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