UI & UX Design for Neuoregen


Client Brief

NeuroGen Brain and Spine Institute is a collective, committed to paving the way to a life of independence, for individuals with incurable neurological disorders, through the combination of revolutionary regenerative medicine, holistic comprehensive neurorehabilitation, and medical intervention. We got the opportunity to redesign their global website to make it all-inclusive and informative for their target audience.


Comprehending the requirement, we decided to pay a visit to the Neurogen premises and interview some of their patient and their relatives to get a deeper understanding of what they need and how has their experience been in the past. This helped us come up with a promising plan for action.

Process_Soak user-personas


Brand Values

After several interviews of the patients, discussions with the stakeholders, and industry analysis, we accurately plotted the emotion and journey maps. A detailed sitemap and wireframes were created keeping in mind the information architecture of the website.

Wire Frame


Along with the earthy tone of brown, a bright orange, a color of enthusiasm and hope was strategically added to the color palette. This bought life to the interface and made it look more approachable and fresh. Keeping in mind the extensive information on this platform, the design played heavily on the visual representation of the concept comprising a combination of images and icons. The iconography was detailed and conceptualized intricately. A responsive website was designed with the intention to improve accessibility and approachability among the users.