PayTm Paathshalla

Paytm Paathshala - Designing a gamified learning app using user-centered UI/UX design

The Paytm Paathshala case study shows how our UI/UX design solutions paired with gaming elements helped Paytm create an interactive trade learning app for its users.

About Paytm Paathshala

Paytm is a well-known multinational, online platform used mostly for digital payments and financial services. It is trusted by 30 crore users in India. Within its platform, it offers an online trading option for those interested in it. Paytm Paathshala is a platform for people who want to learn the nitty-gritty of trading. The app differentiates itself from the competition by gamification of the lessons.

Problem Statement

Paytm wanted Paytm Paathshala to be one of its offerings that would gamify trading lessons at the comfort rate of the users- while being in line with the existing app's policies and design.


The content for the learning app consisted of textual courses and expert webinars. Apart from that, the user comfort factor was also to be considered.

While brainstorming for the app’s UI/UX designs, we were ensuring that the app would be in line with Paytm’s existing design system. So, the colors, button styles, and other components had to be similar to what its users are familiar with.

Think Brand Values UX & UI Design for PayTm Paathshalla


We chose a light blue design theme that Paytm is recognized with. To differentiate different modules we used a monochrome color scheme around the blue hue. Moreover, to make lessons fun, we paired the visual elements with SVG animation. We ensured that the UI was smooth in order to make the user experience as enjoyable as it could be.

Execute the styling guide of UX & UI Design for PayTm Paathshalla


The application design offered easier and smoother navigation across different modules. The content format-wise execution ensures that users can easily view and interact with it making it perfect for the gaming elements of the app.

Ui screens for PayTm Paathshalla Ui screens for PayTm Paathshalla Ui screens for PayTm Paathshalla

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