PayTm Paathshalla

UI & UX Design for PayTm Paathshalla


Client Brief

Paytm Paathshala is a platform that will allow its users to learn about trading and financial concepts at their own pace along with convenience. Paytm Paathshala aims to make the learning experience much more interesting by gamification


By understanding people's need to learn about financial concepts, this product will help individuals understand financial education through courses/ webinars that learners can watch, and also learn through self-paced learning. All this is at the comfort level of the user.



Brand Values

Carefully understanding the pain points of the users, our team was able to create an app/platform that uses simple ways that allow users to choose how they want to learn. Equipped with courses that are recommended as well as webinars conducted by leading finance experts, users are now able to learn with comfort.



By focusing on the learning part, the team created a user journey that uses SVG animations made in-house along with easy flowing UI that lets the user learn with comfort. The learning journey is also enhanced by incorporating courses, webinars, quizzes, and tests with simple yet engaging content. Apart from the user journey, the UI design also hosts a light blue theme, made specifically to make the users appeal.