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Increase conversion rates by up to 83% with regular UX audits.

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To Audit or Not to Audit

Regular UX audits make all the difference

smiley With UX Audits

  • Pinpoint usability issues
  • Identify & improve pain points
  • Address usability issues for user flow optimization
  • Find data-driven insights
  • Reduces support request with better UX
  • Quick product adaptability to user needs and more
  • Continuous flow of improvements

smiley Without UX Audits

  • Product suffers from usability issues
  • Lower user satisfaction
  • Poor usability leads to lower conversion rates
  • Miss opportunities for smoother user experience
  • Higher support requests with faulty UX
  • Diminished and limited user retention and usability
  • Product irrelevance risk in the competitive market

Enhance Your Product Performance with UX Audit

User Experience Audit or UX Audit is a process of evaluating the digital product or platform to find gaps, strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement in its user experience. It aims to offer a comprehensive report to offer actionable suggestions for product improvement. With that, it helps the business to gain higher profits by providing a better user experience to its users.

UX Audit helps you address the following problems.

Usability Issues

A UX audit identifies usability problems that make it difficult for users to navigate, interact with, or understand the product. This includes issues with navigation, information architecture, and overall ease of use.

Performance Issues

Slow loading times, unresponsive interactions, and other performance issues can frustrate users. A UX audit looks for such issues and suggests ways to optimize performance.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

For e-commerce and conversion-focused websites, an audit examines the user journey and identifies barriers to conversions. It may involve analyzing checkout processes, forms, and calls to action.

Design Issues

The audit assesses inconsistencies in design elements, terminology, and interactions across different parts of the product or between platforms. It also checks the visual design elements, such as layout, colour schemes, typography, and iconography, to ensure they align with best practices and user expectations. It identifies any design elements that may confuse or frustrate users.

We provide you with comprehensive UX audit services to help you improve your digital product's performance and user experience

Get Actionable Insights for Improving UX

UX audit recognises the usability issues in your digital product to analyse & enhance its user experience.

UX audit helps you find areas of improvement in the product, offers a creative perspective for enhancing product experience, and allows addressing holes in the UX that are costing the business.

The product’s usability analysis identifies areas where users may experience difficulty using your product. When you audit ux, you can use the report as a base to streamline customer experience for your users.

The improvement analysis from UX audit enables you to boost conversions, increase user retention, and similar other growth & performance metrics of your business by simply upgrading the UI/UX of your product.

Customers are loyal to products & services that help them complete their tasks with minimum effort. UX audit can highlight areas where enhancing the UX can give your business an edge over its competitors.


Regular UX audits keep your product fresh to offer exceptional experiences to your users.

UX audit impacts the following Key Performance Indicators of your business

  • checkmarkHigher Customer Satisfaction
  • checkmarkBetter User Retention
  • checkmarkIncreased Conversion Rate
  • checkmarkReduced Drop-Offs
  • checkmarkIncreased Customer Loyalty
  • checkmarkImproved User Engagement
  • checkmarkLesser Bounce Rate
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Our Process for UX Audit

We use the following process to analyze multiple areas, from your product’s interface to its navigation, user journey, and task flows, to bring you a comprehensive website ui ux audit report.

Understand the Scope

Define the purpose of the UX audit or the user problem we intend to solve with the website ui ux audit.

Conduct UX Audit

Organise UX audits using internally developed heuristics & run usability tests with real users to evaluate the product on 5 different parameters, including Task Orientation, Navigation & User Flow, Trust & Credibility, Form & Data Entry, and Page Layout & Visualization.

Collect Data

Understand the product and gather the necessary data & credentials to access the product features for a thorough evaluation of website ui ux audit.

Analyse Results

Evaluate the results from heuristics & usability tests to offer actionable insights to improve the usability, user flows, and the overall user experience of the product.


Create a comprehensive report with research-backed recommendations for UX upgrades.

Level of Execution

To help our clients visualise the recommendations, we show them the current status of their product, our suggestions, and reference visuals of how the design may look after the changes are implemented.

We Offer Comprehensive Design Auditing Services

  • checkmarkUsability Audits
  • checkmarkAccessibility Audits
  • checkmarkContent Audits
  • checkmarkGraphics and Visual Design Audits
  • checkmarkConversion Optimization Audits
  • checkmarkIA Audits
  • checkmarkPerformance Audits
  • FAQ’s About UX Audit

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    A UX audit helps you gain insights into the loopholes of your product that can be improved to offer an exceptional user experience to your customers. This leads to higher user satisfaction which may convert your users faster.

    Yes, Yellow Slice provides comprehensive UX audit services to help you find areas of improvement in your platform’s user experience design so that you can give your customers the best experience while using your platform or product.

    Depending on the goals that you want to achieve, auditing UX can include a range of evaluations and analyses of different elements of your digital product.

    UX audit reports give you insights into the shortcomings of the design of your product that you can improve to gain a higher profit, offer a better customer experience, and receive better revenue from your product.
    An effective UX audit targets issues to create an easier and more seamless user journey ultimately. This process can help to increase customer engagement, satisfaction, and conversions.

    The cost of the UX audit depends on the scope & complexity of the product and the resources that are employed in conducting the audit. Get in touch with us to receive a quote for your project.