VKV Click

VKV Click: Designing an online platform to help small businesses go online

The VKV Click case study shows how our UI and UX design solutions helped VK Ventures to create a responsive website that brings small businesses and agents online.


About VKV Click

VKV Click offers a platform for whoever wishes to earn by facilitating online bills, travel bookings, and banking services to the general public. The platform teaches and aids agents with useful resources to join the business as agents.. They have big names as their business associates such as Airtel, Yes Bank, NPCI, ICICI Bank and more.

Problem Statement

Design the user interface and experience for their website to be mobile responsive and user-friendly for the agents to be able to use it frequently without a problem.

Designing the Solution


We were to design a website that showcases multiple services without making it confusing for the users. And as mentioned earlier, all elements of the website needed to be mobile-friendly to allow users to access their accounts using their smartphones.


To understand how the users would interact with the website, we needed to understand all the stakeholders’ perspectives. We started our qualitative research by conducting interviews with the stakeholders and based on the information gathered, we created the user persona.

This helped us comprehend the aims of users visiting the website.

persona1 persona2


With task flow and sitemaps, we created high-fidelity wireframes of the website.

Lo-fi Wireframe 1 Lo-fi Wireframe 2 Wireframe 3


To flesh out the wireframes, we created illustrations and icons with colors and typography that matched the brand identity.

We also added UI animations to the website to increase interactivity and engagement for the users.

Colors & Typography

Execute UI Screens of UI & UX Design for Headlight.

UI Screens

The UI screens incorporated all the UI elements stated above to create a super sophisticated user interface.

Applications of UI & UX Design
Applications of UI & UX Design
Applications of UI & UX Design
Applications of UI & UX Design
Applications of UI & UX Design


The UI components we used ensured a clean and comprehensible look that increased user accessibility. We designed the navigation in a way that makes the mobile version of the website just as user-friendly as the web version eliminating confusion among its users.

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