Design is the centre for all product innovation

What is CIL?

We build spaces for corporates that trigger design thinking and innovation. We seek to design a lab that meets the needs of each company and its heterogeneous body of employees. It is designed to fulfil the functional properties of the company.

These spaces, designed with an intent of boosting imagination and innovation are proven to deliver better results.

The common facts of today are the product of yesterday's research.

Why do you need CIL?

CIL facilitates collaborative involvement of different departments helping in the delivery of a more fail-proof idea. It also boosts the entrepreneurial culture of the organisation and making the entire workforce more problem-oriented.

  • Innovative solutions sriven by collabortion
  • Cost reduction/ Cost effectiveness
  • Personalized business models and metrics
  • Quick & flexible decision making processes

What will we achieve?

CIL helps us build a space that comprises of an environment that promotes the company’s culture, encourages the use of technology and tools to build products and processes that aim at finding solutions.

Innovation Success Matrix

Building a Corporate Innovation Lab is not just a project but a dream that we, at Yellow Slice, see everyday.

We encouage the use of innovation sucess matrix to track ideas and their progression towards execution.

How do we set up CIL?

Define the constitution

To abide by the concise and lawful descriptions

Identify innovation metrics

Define metrics for each stage and track innovation progression.

Employ a process for innovation

To promote result-oriented innovation, we promote the use of Design Thinking + STEP