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What is a design sprint?

A design sprint is a time-bound UI UX design services framework for validating ideas and solving challenges. It is designed to iterate through decisions and test different alternatives in a very compressed time frame before even building a minimum viable product.

At Yellow Slice, Design Sprints are ‘celebrated’. Depending on the size of the project, our design team spends 1/2/5 days with the client. We ideate, eat, work and have fun together.

If we had to sum up Design Sprints in four words, they would be: Productive, Collaborative, Work & Fun

Design Sprint | Yellow Slice

Why do we need it?

Commitment issues?

Design Sprints are for you! Channelise the future product and see customer’s reactions before making heavy investments into the product.

Sprints are a great way to mitigate risk by leveraging collaborations and user validation at the initial stage. This also helps in adding a concrete initial direction to the project.

  • Speed
  • Collaboration
  • Validation
  • Reduce risk

How we do it?

Planning Process | Yellow Slice


Sprint workshops start with understanding the purpose of the audit and the product’s current challenges.

Pre-Documentation | Yellow Slice


To aid the sprint workshop, we define the objects and the activities and arrange for the stationery that will be needed during the workshop.

Execution Process | Yellow Slice


The activities are executed as defined and each relevant outcome is recorded.

Post Documentation Process | Yellow Slice

Post Documentation

The outcomes of the sprint workshop are analysed and documented to then be shared with the client for their inputs.

Analysis Process | Yellow Slice


The data collected and the inputs received are then analysed and a strategy is proposed to the client.

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