Malabar Group Case Study: Designing UI for India's Biggest Jewelry Brand

The case study shows how we helped Malabar Group design a website to showcase their expanding business using our UI design solutions.


Client Brief

As any business expands into multiple verticals, its main business, the oldest one acts as the trust builder for the rest. Consumers realize that the parent company behind the subsidiary is trustworthy and they start trusting the newer verticals as well.

However, for that to happen, your customers should know which business ventures are connected to your group. With a similar thought in mind, Malabar Group, one of India’s biggest jewelry brands approached Yellow Slice.

About Malabar Group

Malabar Group is a global brand that has successfully ventured into various business sectors like real estate, jewelry manufacturing & retail, Housing and Infrastructure Development, Online Retail, I.T., Home Appliances, and Electronics.

Their strongest and oldest vertical is the Malabar Gold and Diamond jewelry brand. The brand has been a part of the Indian jewelry industry since 1993. Since then, they have been a known name in the industry, globally.

Problem Statement

The client needed us to design a showcase website that speaks about their brand values and legacy and highlights their decades-old empire. The website was required to provide curated information about the Malabar group as a whole and also make Malabar Gold and Diamonds stand out from the rest.

Furthermore, it should be responsive, contemporary, and should cater to customers, investors as well as partners.

malabar group brand design

Designing the Solution

The website needed to showcase the long-standing history and achievements of the group while introducing the new verticals to their loyal customers.


Understanding the brief and the audience, our main agenda in this project was to showcase the different verticals of the Malabar Group i.e. hospitality, infrastructure, construction, administration services, and beyond. To do so, we were going to focus on the major attributes of the brand and its ideals —flawlessness, excellence, quality, and transparency.

Based on our understanding of the brand as well as its audience, we came up with appropriate user personas.


Personas for Malabar Group | Yellow Slice


After a brainstorming session, our skilled team members collated all information from various industries wherein the group ventured. This was important to create the sitemap and hierarchy of the website to make navigation easier.

Based on concept explorations meetings with the stakeholders and our team’s insights, we created a visual mood board and a carefully curated website sitemap to start off the process.


Brand Values for Malabar Group | Yellow Slice - UI/UX Company in Mumbai


Brand Designing for Malabar | Yellow Slice - UI/UX Company in Mumbai


Based on the mood board, we came up with three different concepts for the UI design of the website.

Concept Development for Malabar Group | Yellow Slice - UI/UX Company in Mumbai


After our design concept was finalized, it was time to design a responsive web design that aligned with the Malabar Group’s strong brand guidelines. With our design elements, we made sure that the website reflected the grandeur and elegance of the brand. To stay true to the brand values, we ensured that each of our UI elements held an air of sophistication.

Color and Typography

The color palette was chosen to give a sense of royalty. Hence the colors used were gold and dark mauve, both of which symbolize elegance and royalness. On the other hand, the Montserrat font family gave off a vibe of uber finesse while upholding high readability.

UI Screens: Web and Mobile design for Malabar Group | Yellow Slice


The icon style was developed to graphically represent the content. We used Parallax scrolling technique to enhance the interactivity of the design. Large images on each page are utilized to showcase the grandeur and beauty of the products in each of Malabar's verticals.

UI Screens: Web and Mobile design for Malabar Group | Yellow Slice

UI Screens

No. of Screens:

Using the elements we discussed above, our team of UI designers came up with a user interface showcased below.

UI Screens: Web and Mobile design for Malabar Group | Yellow Slice


Malabar Group is a known and trusted brand for jewelry making and retail across multiple countries. The fact that they trusted us to create a virtual showcase of their subsidiaries speaks volumes. The website is a treat to the eyes of users interested in the group’s history, legacy, or services & products.

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