COVIFIND: Ensuring Public Health and Awareness During the COVID-19 Pandemic

In this case study, read how our UI design solutions helped COVIFIND spread its product awareness to the masses effectively.


About Covifind

COVIFIND is a self-testing kit for the COVID-19 virus. The kit is developed by Meril, a medical device company operating worldwide. The product allows its users to perform a covid test on their own. Over 5 Cr self-testing kits have been sold in India. 1000s of people per day choose to get themselves tested at home as they found it reliable & safe.

Problem Statement

To design a responsive website for COVIFIND which will help the users to know more about the product and how to use it.

Designing the Solution

Meril was very particular about what they wanted and this made it easy to pinpoint our focus.


Our goal was to design the UI in a way that helped the visitors get all the important information about the product. The users should be confident in using the product after going through the website.

Soak of UX & UI Design for Covifind

Meril’s existing website showcased its brand personality and it worked as a base for us to move forward with.


In discussions with the stakeholders and teams, it was established that the main focus of the platform would be on offering a seamless user journey and easily educating the user about the COVIFIND Home testing kit.

Based on that, we created a sitemap that ensured intuitive navigation and easier access to all the information a user might need to make the purchase decision or on how to use the product.


sitemap of UX & UI Design for Covifind


We ensure to emphasize Meril’s strong brand identity in the design. With the same concept, we made the look and feel of it modern yet sophisticated. To make sure that the visitor or user understands how to use the product, we represented all the complex steps using detailed icons, illustrations, and quirky animation.

A clean and crisp responsive design with a seamless user journey is what sets this design apart.

Color and Typography

We used the colors of the client’s existing website to stay true to its brand identity and familiarity. The Roboto font family was used to create a clean, easily legible interface.

Execute the style guide of UX & UI Design for Covifind


Aligned with the idea of creating a clean and sophisticated user interface, we chose to go with line art icons. We used monochrome and dual-colored icons to differentiate.

Icons for UX & UI Design for Covifind


With the color palette introduced above, we came up with illustrations to explain the “How-to-Use” and other processes relative to the product.

Illustrations of UX & UI Design for Covifind

UI Screens

No. of Screens:

With all the elements designed, we finally designed the web and mobile user interface for the client.

UI Screens Design for Covifind


The website aided users in understanding how they can conduct Covid tests at home and even purchase a testing kit online. Precautions, public and workplace safety guidelines against Covid and more so information and resources were designed in such a way that users can navigate through the website easily to inform themselves with the right information.

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