We live in the age of multiple screen sizes and measuring everything in pixels.

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What is SVG animation?

Our websites and apps are now used on various screen sizes. Thus, along with having a responsive website or app, it is important that even the graphics or images used to retain their highest resolutions and deliver the best user experience possible.

SVG or Scalable Vector Graphics is used to deliver the highest quality images with super small file sizes resulting in faster load time. Get us to create SVG animation for web or app.

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Benefits of using SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) Animations

One of the major benefits of SVG is its scalability: resolution-independent and responsive. This helps us deliver the highest quality pixels for all screen sizes. Its interactive and text-based format makes this a go-to option for style control while adding style to the UI.

Its integration with HTML, XHTML and CSS makes it an efficient form to work with.

  • High performance
  • Integration
  • Interactive
  • Scalable

Our best practices

Lightweight Graphic by Yellow Slice

Lightweight Graphic

We create lighter graphics and fewer anchor points to create beautiful motion art.

Lottie Library Process by Yellow Slice

Lottie Library

Lottie Library, one of the best library for designers to create SVG animations is what we often use.

After Effects Process by Yellow Slice

After Effects

We use after effects to create eye-catching masterpieces.

Production Workflow Process by Yellow Slice

Production Workflow

At Yellow, we always strategise the right techniques and planning to get faster results.

Story-driven Process by Yellow Slice


We make use of storyboards and user flows to help make the animation meaningful.

Smart Optimisation Process by Yellow Slice

Smart Optimisation

In order to optimise the file on a whole, we use after effects and workflow techniques.

Rigging Process by Yellow Slice


Since we use the IK structure for our design, we conduct rigging using various rigging tools.

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