The navigation we deliver is the journey we deliver. UX Motion Design helps refine this journey.

UX Motion Design by Yellow Slice

What is UX Motion Design?

UX is all about designing a journey and UX Motion Design redefines it. UX Motion helps add more depth to the interface creating a more natural experience. For every button clicked and screen transition, there is a story that follows and good motion-based design helps you to tell it.

Motion supports usability in four ways

  • Expectation
  • Continuity
  • Narrative
  • Relationship
UX Motion Design by Yellow Slice

Why do we need UX Motion?

Don’t we all appreciate a little familiarity here and predictability there?

That is exactly how UX Motion helps. It reinforces the hierarchy of elements and directs the user’s focus with a hint about what to do next. UX Motion also makes navigation more transparent by providing visual cues that acknowledge user input immediately. All of this, in turn, encourages usage, promotes adoption and increases engagement rates.

  • Guides user with motion
  • Help ssers complete tasks
  • Reduces decision time
  • Solves complex interactions

How we Integrate Animation Into The UX Workflow

Simple Interface Design by Yellow Slice

Simple Interface Design

  • Research: personas, customer journey maps, user research, branding guidelines, style guides, etc
  • Align: addresses specific user needs and goals.
  • Explore: explore various sources of inspiration that showcase animation.
  • Communicate: Share with development team and client.
Design and Storyboard by Yellow Slice

Design And Storyboard

  • Sketch
  • Storyboard
  • Share
  • Decide
Prototyping Animation by Yellow Slice

Prototyping Animation

  • Purpose
  • Time
  • Tools
  • Effectiveness
  • Load Time

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