Revamp IT

UI Design for Revamp IT


Client Brief

Sustainable, creative and accessable were the basic principals of RevampIt. India's first fashion makeover platform. Revamp your old clothes to brand new with exclusive designs in an effortless journey. We had the opportunity to enhance their user buying experience and visuals to suit their target audience.


As previously most of the purchases happened manually, our task was to understand the users' buying journey and translate it digitally to give a good experience and ease to the users.



Brand Values

The website had to be intuitive and fresh to cater to the young crowd. From various user interviews and experiences, our team collated multiple instances of the journey. Along with that, the look and feel needed to be contemporary and crisp whilst keeping it simple. We tried the all-inclusive buying approach, so the user can finish the fundamental actions in just a few steps.



The entire website has a neutral colour palette of black and white along with colour pop coming from all the amazing images helping emphasize the products. We created special icons and illustrations to complement the designs. Micro-interactions were used to amp up the experience. Along with the buying journey we also worked on the more informative pages like the blog and events.