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Revamp It Case Study - Designing a smoother buyer flow to streamline conversions

Read how we helped the sustainable clothing brand, Revamp It convert more visitors by streamlining the purchase flow with our UI solutions.


Project Duration:

As years pass by, sustainability is a virtue that every successful business has to cultivate. This factor is especially important if you are a fashion entrepreneur. The fashion industry alone is responsible for more than 92 million tonnes of waste produced annually. In such a scenario, sustainable fashion brands are crucial in the long run.

This case study discusses our collaboration with one such sustainable fashion brand based in Mumbai, Maharashtra — Revamp It.

About Revamp It

Revamp It is a fashion-tech startup and India’s first sustainable fashion makeover platform. Sustainable, creative, and accessible are the basic principles of RevampIt.

Revamp It aims to change the way fashion is purchased from online and offline platforms. And they do so by slowing down the cycle of fast fashion with the concept of revamping your old clothes to brand new with exclusive designs in an effortless journey.

Problem Statement

Most of the client’s buyers purchased their products manually and the client wanted us to help them bring this process online. We had the opportunity to enhance their user buying experience and visuals to suit their target audience, that is, young, fashion-conscious people who wanted to make sustainable choices.

Designing the Solution


Our first step in designing a suitable website UI for the brand included understanding the user buying journey and translating it digitally to give a quality experience and ease to the users.

Soak of UX & UI Design for Revamp


The website needed to be intuitive and fresh as its main target audience was the young crowd.

From various user interviews and experiences, our team collected and combined multiple decisive points of the buyer journey. Along with that, the look and feel needed to be contemporary and crisp whilst keeping it simple.

We tried the all-inclusive buying approach, so the user can finish the fundamental actions for conversion in just a few steps.

Based on that idea and understanding, we came up with the following wireframes.

Wireframes of UX & UI Design for Revamp


We used a neutral color palette for the background to give the entire website a look of chic elegance. While the low-contrast images with brighter hues made the foreground pop, emphasizing the product and catching the visitor’s eye instantly.

We created special icons and illustrations to complement the designs. Micro-interactions were used to amp up the experience. Along with the buying journey we also worked on more informative pages like the blog and events.

Colors, Typography & Icons

Execute the style guide for UX & UI Design of Revamp

UI Screens

No. of Screens:

Using the above elements, our team of designers came up with these stylish UI screens.

UI Screens Design for Revamp


The website UI captures the entire process of customizing the revamped clothing from the users' point of view. The UI elements used give the website a sophisticated look aligned with the brand’s ideals.

If you too are looking to create a website to bring your business online, we are here to help you come up with UI/UX designs that will catch your audience’s attention. Send us a message to schedule a quick consultation.